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    Episode 8 Happening?

    Some dude in the live chat during Getting Doug with High said they went to the show together but they haven't been able to put the podcast together yet (presumably they want everyone who went to the show together for the wrap-up). Now ... I realize my source on this isn't exactly water-tight but that's what I "know."
  2. NJLigerNJ

    Episode 120 — Farts and Procreation

    This episode made my eyes literally piss tears of laughter. Harris is the best! James Smith: [[ I don't care how tired you all are or how hot it is; shit is still shit. Why is this episode shit? ]] I am going to blame you. [[ 1. Characters are best when they are held through the whole bit. Andy Daily never says "And now I'll stop being Don Dimelo and just be me" Fading in and out of characters is lousy acting and very irritating. ]] That was part of the joke. So for point one, you are actually to blame. [[ 2. Finding yourselves so terribly amusing is really off-putting. ]] I enjoyed it. It's almost as if your opinion isn't canonical ... but surely that cannot be! [[ 3. Where the hell are the games? ]] One of the reasons why this episode is shit is "where the hell are the games?" Your list makes no sense and you don't know how words work. [[ In summary ]] Oh thank goodness. I am glad your internet complaining about something you get for free followed the five paragraph essay format. [[ This episode was so bothersome I signed up just to voice my distaste. ]] I loved the episode but if it made you sign up then I must say I like it slightly less now. [[ Feel free to take this post as an honest (if acerbic) critique of the show, or simply discount it as the ranting of some asshole on the internet ]] Done! Jeff MacDonald: [[ I had to immediately donate money to the show after listening. I only make a small amount at my job so my donation was modest ]] I make more money than you Jeff MacDonald! But thanks for donating. Killvin: [[ Thanks for proving that even high women are not that funny ]] Killvin - Thanks for proving that even assholes on the internet can take their asshole level up a notch when required. However one small note: that's never required! BenV: [[ I'm one of those assholes who thought the shows hadn't been that great lately, but wow. This is one of my all time favourites.]] I read this first as "I'm not one" and now I'm confused. It was a great episode though. Sarp: [[ comedy bang bang or comedy meh meh. i can't decide either. ]] Either? You are the only person who has expressed confusion about the name.