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  1. VinsanityV22

    Episode 393 - Peanuts Awareness

    "When you say 'you're putting his thing up', why are you waving your boner around?" COMEDY BANG BANG IS BACK! NEW AND IMPROVED - BRAND NEW TONE FOR 2016!! Wouldn't have it any other way
  2. VinsanityV22

    Episode 126.5 - Minisode 126.5

    During the BB8 or R2D2 question, I was really hoping that Paul would pick R2 because, frankly, we don't really know BB8's mission is yet
  3. VinsanityV22

    Best of 2015 Pt. 3

    Also, can Scott or PFT PLEASE do George Lucas as a character in 2016!?! That brief impression at the beginning of this had me in stitches! Their weird, mumbly,quiet (and easily entertained) nerd voice was freakin' hilarious!
  4. VinsanityV22

    Best of 2015 Pt. 3

    I never noticed before that Joe Wingert's Scrooge McDuck is referencing the video game, not the cartoon, before. The snow beast thing just sounds like a "any episode" plot - I paid it no mind. But for some reason, this time, I'm like, "Wait... wasn't that a boss in the game?". There was definitely a snow level I remembered! When he's like "I believe we were looking for a crown, or maybe I lost one of my treasure maps", i immediately thought for sure, he was talking about the NES game. A quick Bing later (because when you're listening to these Best Of's one-after-the-other, you definitely hear Scott and PFT mention it at some point. Don't judge!): He may have been hazy on the details, but damn, that's pretty good memory to call that up successfully, off-the-cuff! I can't believe I never noticed before! -- I love these Best Of's. Really makes me want to just re-listen to a bunch. I better sign up for Howl soon.
  5. VinsanityV22

    EPISODE 15 - Jon Daly - Spotlight On: Matt Yanni

    "I don't think this will work" "Listen - (so) I killed my brother and my friend..." -- this is such a weird episode!! Oh man; Daly is brilliant. This was amazing! I want you guys to know: I had surgery 6 days ago. I've been off of Earwolf since then because it hurts to laugh. I got through HDTGM today (the Steel ep), I figured I was in the clear. I got through a CBB from 3 weeks ago (I'm backed up) with Eugene Mirman and Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. Fine! Womp it up? I had to stop this podcast several times because you guys hurt me! I literally had to hold my sides -- I know why that's an expression now, because this was so damn funny, it physically caused me pain! Protip to people reading this in the future: Don't listen to WOMP it up after getting your gallbladder removed. Oh man; this hurt, but that's how you know it's good!
  6. VinsanityV22

    Episode 125.5 - Minisode 125.5

    I have to point out that Mentalfloss - TODAY - put up a making of the Holiday Special. I hope Paul gives it a skim, because it's got some crazy stuff. Like how writers who worked with Shields & Garnel -- mimes -- were brought in to deal with the Wookies since they couldn't speak (actually... kind of an inspired move on CBS' part). Or how the idea came about from a sketch on the Donnie & Marie show where they re-used some aliens from the Cantina scene. Or - my favorite bit: "Ripps: Lucas told us Han Solo was married to a Wookiee but that we couldn’t mention that because it would be controversial." I MEAN, WHAT!?! Anyway, link right here: http://mentalfloss.c...holiday-special Also a really great part? The ending line, lmao: "Herman: The interesting thing is, the day after the special aired was the day of the Jonestown Massacre. It was just a bad time for everyone."
  7. VinsanityV22

    Episode 31 - The AK-47 Percent

    I get that you guys did arrive at a great, natural end point... but damn, 12min was just too short! I didn't know what to expect here since none of you people are known qualities here on Earwolf (at least not from Improv4humans, CBB, How did this get made, Spontaneanation, Sklarbro or any of the other podcasts I check out), but it was good! Wish it was longer.
  8. Holy heck; you guys have done 99 episodes already!? Jeez louise; where did the time go!? Pre-emptive "CONGRATULATIONS!" on your 100th next week!
  9. Whoa! How did they get Jack Nicholson to guest star on this episode, and why didn't Earwolf advertise it at all? Surely, that can't be an impression - it's SO SPOT ON!
  10. VinsanityV22

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    There is ZERO difference between this and the Robots from Halloween 3 who wanted to kill everyone, amirite people? IT'S US OR THEM! CHOOOOOOSE! (This ep went to some delightful places)
  11. VinsanityV22

    EPISODE 388 — Breath Before Death

    Seeing the musical guests on with Mookie in the episode description -- as himself? B-O-O-O-R-I-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G -- made me sad that Michael wouldn't be showing up. Spoiler Alert: I was not sad for long It's not accurate at all AND Hanford can use that for comedy! I still remember the first time he showed up, there was this great quote: "Now here's a question for all of you... Refresh me on who Stu Studclif is" . He is consistently super funny. Definitely with you in that he may be my favorite new character introduced in CBB in 2015.
  12. VinsanityV22

    EPISODE 387 — Most Multiple Personalities

    Pack it up, everyone. Show's over. Every possible thing - every string of words - Scott ever could say has now been said. CBB's done. Alert the Widow Kulap (the term, "widow" is for when your husband's podcast ends, right?); she now belongs to Mantzoukas. It's gonna take Jason to reboot this thing. lol. Awesome episode! Another great group of guests; I expected Gimberling to do some heavy lifting, but nope; John Grant was great and even though Jocelyn's only been on twice before, she did a great job not just bringing another fun character, but one of the Aukerman clan! That's impressive for someone we don't hear from enough, imo. Figured Scott's relatives were reserved for CBB/Comedy Death Ray veterans.
  13. VinsanityV22

    EPISODE 123 - Lifeforce

    Man, the beginning of this podcast is a roller coaster of emotions! Lennon Parham as guest: Yay Boob Talk (should be a new segment, tbh): Heck yes Not knowing that "ESA" stands for "European Space Agency": ... *sigh* c'mon guys. It's pretty basic stuff for us Americans to know (unless you're, like, a High School drop-out/Trump supporter), along with, like, MI6 (and we all know you're Bond fans). I'm chalking that one up to just a collective slip of the mind lol Awesome episode! Loving it - and the write up on Slashfilm is amazing!
  14. You had me at "Intern Gino"! This was even better than I hoped for - you know it's great when you hear gems like: "If I thought I was going too far calling you cute, I definitely crossed that line when I stared at your bare ass" "Well I have the coffin..." "That was a very Long Island sentence" "They were pretty yummy, but now my heart hurts" Pairing Tracy with Gino was amazing. LOVED this week's episode!
  15. VinsanityV22

    EPISODE 31 - Wine Tasting

    It cannot be a coincidence that I'm but 7min (more or less) into this podcast and Baby Hitler comes up (complete with Paul wondering if he was a fat baby) when I have also seen this panel in a webcomic today, can it?