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    The tag line says it all: "What are the consequences of giving birth to your dead boyfriend?" Childhood sweethearts Tommy and Rebecca meet up after 12 years of being apart and fall madly in love. Tragedy strikes when Tommy is struck by a car and killed in front of Rebecca. She decides to clone Tommy and to do so Rebecca will have to give birth to him. Rebecca then raises him as her own. It gets creepy as he gets older and she hasn't told him he is a clone and he calls her mommy. There are weird scenes where you could see her passion for this child that thinks shes his mother. Note the bathtub scene where she and her 9 year old son are naked bathing together and he is reciting poetry to her. Later on she starts to get jealous of the woman he dates and the gf looks weirded out by her relationship w her son. The end is the most disturbing part. It stars Eva Green and Doctor Who's Matt Smith. http://m.imdb.com/title/tt1216520/
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    Episode 17.5 — Minisode 17.5

    New title "Larry, Ricki and Brian's Wild Ride to the Baywatch"