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    Nurse 3D (2013)

    Holy shit, I just watched the trailer for this pile. Oh man, it looks like they shoved Showgirls, Single White Female / The Roommate and a few gallons of fake blood into a blender, drank the gore smoothie resulting from that, shit it out and called it a movie. Apparently the movie was "inspired" by the photography of Lionsgate Marketing exec Tim Palen, who shot the attached image to promote a blood drive at the studio. I like my origin story better. Trailer should go up in a few days, I'll make a note to post then. Looks like the flick is set to come out in February...
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    Is your body ready?
  3. EarBear

    In Time

    Just putting this on on the Radar - from all the ads I've watched, it looks like an insultingly heavy handed pile of shit sci-fi piece where people get rich with time instead of money. Somehow that translates into 100 year old people still looking like they're 25, so it's really all an excuse to have a bunch of no-more-than 30 year olds wandering around the entire film. Olivia Wilde plays Justin Timberlake's mom. So I guess it is all a sci-fi ode to incest... I might be off base on this one, though - I'm up for a dialogue on it...
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    NOT the Marine sequel, mind you. I just watched a rough cut of the trailer for this flick at work. It looks fucking amazing. James Franco hamming it up as the meth kingpin bad guy, HDGTM darling Jason Statham as the undercover cop hero, Kate Bosworth and Winona Ryder as strung out tramps, and FUCKING SYLVESTER STALLONE has SOLE WRITING CREDIT. Let that sink in for a bit. This looks like a real masterpiece of craploitation for the ages. Coming out end of November. I love it when they do eps on flicks still in theaters, I wanna get this one in the hat early...
  5. Congrats Who Charted Team! How fitting that it's in the Summah Must List issue!
  6. EarBear

    CoMEMEdy Bang Bang

    Been meaning to do these for awhile, since right after starting the Memezoukas Macros on the HDTGM board. Scott's recent bit of forgetting how to pronounce the name of those show goaded me into it...
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    CoMEMEdy Bang Bang

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    Episode 83 — Winter's Tale

    I've been saying this for awhile. Trailer reviews would be a great addition to minisodes.
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    Episode 83 — Winter's Tale

    Strongly agree.
  10. EarBear

    Episode 83 — Winter's Tale

    This is fucking fascinating. How did they make the decision to cut these details out entirely? And just say he'd been wandering around Manhattan for a fucking century? That is god damn outrageous. Thanks a lot for your insight, BadgerNoonan! Your contribution has further illustrated that this movie is a fucking shitheap garbage adaptation of a likely rightfully beloved novel. The book actually sounds intriguing from what you write, maybe I'll pick up a copy.
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    Episode 83 — Winter's Tale

    Just to piggyback on a lot of the well articulated and salient points on magic realism from other users like Lyla Rozelle - it sounds like this movie just did a horrible job at handling magic realism. If any of you want to watch a fucking fantastic film with magic realism, adapted from a novel that features magic realism, I say 'Like Water for Chocolate' any day. Also great as it was directed by Alfonso Arau, who most of us know as the actor that played El Guapo in 'Three Amigos'. Magic realism is one of those exceedingly delicate things that needs special handling. It can go way over the top very easily. Sounds like the whole creation / insertion / execution of the Will Smith Lucifer is a prime example of that. I have not seen this flick, and don't really plan to, but I did watch all the press clips for it at work. Basing my opinion on those presented in this podcast, as well as the 30 or so minutes of the film I watched in clip form, here's my take. There is a moment in the film where Russell Crowe is obsessing about the killing of Colin Farrell. He calls a lackey into his dark, dusty office to order him to find Farrell. The lackey is played by Kevin Durand (LOST). Russell Crowe tells Durand to find and kill Peter Lake, but calls Durand by the wrong character name. Durand pauses, unsure of how to proceed, how to address this mistake. The name Crowe used was Durand's grandfather, played by Kevin Corrigan, who had died many, many years ago (was in fact killed by Crowe, if memory serves). Durand corrects him. Here's the thing about this scene and how is immediately turned me off from watching this film when I saw it as a clip a few weeks back. Magic realism in literature is great because all of the characters understand it is part of their universe. It gets touchy in cinema because it takes a lot of communication and commitment on the part of the actors and director to imbue the story with that foundation. So this clip Durand is working for the ageless demon that killed his grandfather. Great, I'm on board. This horrific demon needs a man killed, Durand wants to satisfy him. The demon calls him by his grandfather's name, makes sense, he's ageless, he's got a lot of evil on his mind. My issue is, why would Durand correct him? This is a fucking ageless demon. Durand desperately wants to please him so he doesn't meet the same hideous fate as his grandfather. Would he really take a time out to call him on something like that? It's possible, sure. But to me it seemed a moment that put a lack of communication concerning magic realism between director and actor on display. I like Durand in almost all things I see him in, and he made an interesting choice to assert a bit of power with that pause and question. But story wise it didn't really gel. It would, at best, be a more nebbishy "That was my grandfather", followed by some blustering by Crowe, because Durand would understand that this is a fucking AGELESS DEMON THAT KILLED HIS GRANDFATHER BEFORE HE WAS BORN. If you're in that world, you understand and accept the reality of the magic. When actors aren't constantly affirming the reality of this magic world and moving the story forward, then the magic becomes a distraction, and you as a viewer are unable to appreciate any of the story or symbolism. (Though is sounds like they did a shitty job at translating the symbolism as well).
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    Episode 83 — Winter's Tale

    I want this gif full-screen looping on an iPad in my headstone after I die.
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    Episode 83 — Winter's Tale

    "Was his dick too warm?..." Man, that is classic. This was a great episode, guys. Well done. That said, I did miss having a female voice represented. Since June is pregnant, I'm assuming she'll be missing more than a few episodes in the near future. Here's my list of possible female guest hosts who I'd love to hear on the show while June is attending to more important matters: Kulap Vilaysack Jessica St. Clair Lennon Parham April Richardson Alie Ward and/or Georgia Hardstark Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey and/or Tess Barker Emily V. Gordon Cameron Esposito Rhea Butcher Elizabeth Laime Mostly just awesome ladies from other podcasts, but I know they'd all make fantastic contributions.
  14. Filing my cordial, strong approval and excitement for this podcast. Good day to you.
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    Nurse 3D (2013)

  16. EarBear

    Nurse 3D (2013)

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2548833/Paz-la-Huerta-goes-nude-AGAIN-stills-Nurse-3D-role.html BUMP