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  1. swabmenot

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    Ryan Gaul had the biggest LOL moment for me, but the whole thing was really great. Seriously good ep.
  2. swabmenot

    Episode 303 - Show Overload!

    I can't hear Howard and Kulap mention Kevin anymore without picturing Hayes Davenport yelling "Kevin!"
  3. My favorite Hayes is Animated Hayes.
  4. swabmenot

    Episode 436 - Rich Mind Vain

    Skippable?! More like Don'tEvenWaitTillI'mOutOfTheShowerToStartListeningable!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:
  5. swabmenot

    Episode 431 - Ghost Pets Are Liars

    Big belly laughs on this one, and I'm not even fifteen minutes in!
  6. swabmenot

    Episode 426 - Schwartz & Schwarts

    EASY candidate for the Best Ofs! I love when Scott has these two on because he seems more like he's hanging out with friends, rather than playing the host role he usually plays. He's MUCH more of a jerk.
  7. So good, this episode was!
  8. swabmenot

    Episode 421 - I Got Your Results

    Great ep. I'd love to hear Will Hines on with Jason Mantzoukas to see what kind of crazy path they go down.
  9. swabmenot

    Episode 418 - Paul Reiser and The Apple Tree

    Once again, another seriously terrific episode with Victor and Tiny. And I love that Willy made an appearance. I want him to keep coming back, and for Scott to always hate it. Did anyone else feel so super happy when the Apple Tree Song turned into "I Would Die 4 U"? I've loved every little bit of Prince appreciation I've heard in the week+ since his death.
  10. UPSIDE DOWN PICTURES this must be the work of ghosts.
  11. swabmenot

    Episode 270 - Government Names

    Randall Park just seems like a genuinely great person.
  12. swabmenot

    Episode 268 - Slime Wrestling

    It sounded like somebody was chewing gum. Now I know why Ku is normally so vigilant about that.
  13. swabmenot

    Episode 394 - Wisconsin Sugar Babies

    This episode was great, but does anyone else get the feeling that SOMETHING happened that they edited out before they went into the plugs? I demand answers!
  14. swabmenot

    Best of 2015 Pt. 3

    I'm really glad the American Football episode got a moment in the Best Ofs. It was one of my favorites from last year, and also a really great musical episode.