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  1. TacoSmith

    Episode 210 — Artisanal Podcasting

    Bonus points for a mention of "hamburger sandwich".
  2. Good episode. I realized halfway through that I saw this guy open for George Carlin several years back and really enjoyed him. Cool story, bro?
  3. TacoSmith

    Episode 185 — Letting Go of Macklemore

    May I just say that I have been kinda crushin on Karen Kilgariff since the Mr. Show days.
  4. TacoSmith

    Episode 16 — Commentary Special

    I think it would be great to play this for my parents to explain what a podcast is.
  5. Jordan Morris, you were in the movie All About Steve. Follow up question, do you like Jesse Thorn more or less now that he has a beard and children?
  6. TacoSmith

    Episode 268 — What Does the Fonz Say?

    I love when an I4H reg comes on Bang Bang and crushes it. I'm talking Wengert, I'm talking Lapkus, I'm talking Parham. Now Sodaro? To paraphrase McDonalds, "I'm loving it".
  7. TacoSmith

    Episode 8 — Who’s Got My Goo Balls?

    This was one of those moments where I realized how deep my unhealthy attachment to comedy nerdery runs by just how visceral my reaction to seeing that Tom was a guest on Analyze Phish was. edit: I apologize for the disgusting sentence structure.
  8. TacoSmith

    Most Awkward Podcast episodes

    I was just thinking of a couple awkward NNF moments and both of them involved Pat Francis. The first was when they got into a discussion about Michael Jackson (I think it was right after he died) and Matt Belknap was kind of trying to defend Jackson a little bit and Pat started to get legitimately angry with Matt. It was so weird because Pat is generally the least serious of anybody. The other one was the infamous mic-throwing incident when Jimmy couldn't get a word in edgewise between Pat and Matt, eventually exclaimed "Jesus Fucking Christ", hurled his mic across the room and walked out. The funniest part is Matt immediately putting the blame on Pat.
  9. TacoSmith

    Episode 107 — Slime Boy

    I didn't mean to double post so I will use this post to tell everyone to follow their dreams. That's how you make some fucking lemonade, assholes!
  10. TacoSmith

    Episode 107 — Slime Boy

    If you guys ever to an I4H award show, I think one of the front runners for Best Callback has to be when Charlie Sanders made the comment about the "Bert" ecstasy being named after the guy that won the mayoral election. Also, I L'ed very much OL when Betsy exclaimed "Tim Meadows!" when he showed up in that one scene.
  11. TacoSmith

    Episode 245 — Poehler Ice Caps

    I'm not sure what's more irritating, this guy's obnoxious insistence that he is right and everyone is wrong or ending every post with "Word." What are you, a Looney Tunes sweatshirt with Daffy Duck wearing baggy pants and a backward baseball cap?
  12. TacoSmith

    Episode 65 — Howard the Duck: LIVE!

    Best ep since Sleepaway Camp!
  13. TacoSmith

    Episode 129.5 — 5/24/13 TWO CHARTED 68

    I did this for some reason: http://snd.sc/16fCW6r
  14. TacoSmith

    Episode 206 — Live from SXSW 2013

    Cripes that is one labored analogy.
  15. Its just this and his appearance on Fresh Prince for me. ...roughneck, inspectah deck's on the set.