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    Episode 87 — Fake Laughing

    I made orgasmic food enjoyment noises when I saw Maria Bamford in the episode title. And continuously throughout listening to the entire episode.
  2. This just in! Guy who's wrong on the internet can't let it go! Expected to rage impotently until people stop paying attention to him! He is considered armed and petty! So Tig was great, as usual. I'll listen to any show she ends up on.
  3. For some reason, I find bee-related humor to be the best possible kind, and this episode is further proof. The Michael Ian Black v. Marc Maron twitter-off was pretty interesting. It's honestly hard for me to tell just how sincerely demeaning each of their comments were intended to be since the internet is notorious for making the tone behind a statement impossible to read. Doesn't come across as abnormally angry for either of them when read in their voices, but maybe that's just me. For what it's worth, I think Michael won, his lines cracked me up, Marc's were pretty weak compared to his recent deconstruction of Kumail Nanjiani on Doug Loves Movies.
  4. Fiendly

    Episode 29 — Trespass

    not only that, but they didn't mention that they set that crash up earlier in the movie. there's a part where they're driving to the party and the dumbass driving almost drives into the pole that the daughter later crashes into, which was absolutely baffling at the time and i find hilarious in restrospect. they set up everything in this movie... except the psychotic brother