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  1. Was Sean scratching lottery tickets throughout the episode? Is that, like, a conceptual bit?
  2. GW

    Episode 250 β€” Podcast Silence

    I liked the episode, but I understand why people might have been put off. It was weird hearing a guest laugh so much on CBB. I love that Scott and Garbus busted Pete's balls when he broke out the Seinfeld stuff.
  3. I'm pretty sure the guys just proved pineapples are funny
  4. GW

    Episode 233 β€” Royal Watching

    Alexander Haig deep-cut
  5. GW

    Episode 201 β€” End Scene

    Scott's jokes sometimes get completely lost in the riff Pope: "An aeroplane flies under the bridge" Scott: "Does an Anthony Kiedis"
  6. GW

    Episode 114 β€” Surfing Rainbows

    I wonder if Howard and Kulap explain the format to guests before they go on air. If they don't, we can't really blame Steve-O for the podcast being unlike other episodes. It was better than the Chris Gore episode. Steve-O was really positive and open. Gore was abrasive and creepy.
  7. "A lot of Star Wars fans come here because of half of the title"
  8. I thought Anita Van Buren and Lynne Thigpen were the same person for years
  9. GW

    Joke-box Jury

    I got a new idea for a segment. Joke-box Jury: Listeners send in one-liners to be judged by Scott and company.
  10. Gabe might like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWxaGqjQKvE
  11. GW

    Episode 51 β€” The South

    Gabe is the most eloquent and intelligent guest so far. Just make him a co-host
  12. GW

    Episode 5 β€” White Rappers

    This is the first episode of Shots Fired I've listened to. It was great.
  13. If I remember correctly, that video is from the G20 protest. They closed the mall early because they were worried the Black Block protesters were going to go through the mall and wreck the place. So I doubt that guy really wanted to shop.
  14. *Whoops, someone already posted this above* You'll get the gist of the video pretty quick.
  15. It seems like Andrew hates RaceCars. Male callers get insulted. Female callers get sexualized. Nice.