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  1. Oh man that sell job of the "Leroy Brown" bit was fantastic.
  2. sauze

    Episode 283 - Spiritual Toddler

    There's something fun about a tossed off yet enjoyable song. Or at least for me!
  3. sauze

    Episode 274 - Tedpool

    Any Canadian's figured out a way to watch Bajillion? I might have to check the regular illegal spots but I'd like to support Kulap and crew!
  4. Holy Shit I couldn't stop laughing as this episode came to a close. A perfect marriage of WHOMP up the Jams and CBB. Truly everyone was killing it.
  5. "Let's just see if it would work" Jesus Christ that killed me. One of the best earwolf podcasts ever.
  6. sauze

    EPISODE 244.5 β€” 8/07/15 TWO CHARTED 183

    As a pedant and someone who lives there I have to correct that Winnipeg is in Manitoba not Ontario! (That being said it sounded like Howard wasn't positive where those folks were from) Great ep!
  7. I blame Jimmy Pardo but when Paul went into 'Saturday In The Park' during Pagets story I fucking LOST it. I can't explain it, but boy that made me laugh. Thanks!
  8. As a Canadian, Lauren Ash is overstating the number of us killed in Mexico. We all travel there frequently , very rarely got murdered.
  9. I also noticed this! I'm in Canada and have never experienced this phenomena but that being said we do have snow clearing parking bans so I imagine it's ... similar.
  10. sauze

    EPISODE 357 β€” Modern Anti-Comedy

    God Damn Betsy Sodaro is the best 'huge duster ass' killed me. Her poem about wanting to be a Fly Girl is still one of my favourite comedy podcast moments.
  11. sauze

    EPISODE 236 β€” Disrupted Harmonies

    StanSitwell, on 10 June 2015 - 08:52 AM, said: I am thinking that most of the chartists are not Fetty Wap's target audience, but is anyone reading this a fan of "Trap Queen"? I find this song to be completely awful, I've heard nothing of the beat and its tune, the lyrics, or the guy's voice that are in any way redeeming. Most new 'rap' or hiphop seems to be less of what the genre used to be and more awful electronic pared down beats with that same awful cop out of voices saying "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" at every off beat, but usually when they are top charting hits, I can hear what the general public is latching onto in the song or the artist. I 100% don't get this song's strength, its not like "Coco" where its comedic value was without a doubt buoying its popularity. somebody explain what they respect or like about that song, I want to have some faith in humanity Trap Queen is a pretty fun song. It's nothing revolutionary or mindblowing, It's catchy, has a decent hook, is about a chick / not TOTALLY misogynistic. I don't think the beat is awful, it's pretty poppy but that's about it. I like the remix Gucci, Quavo and Azelia Banks more. (The original is a bit repetitive / long)
  12. sauze

    EPISODE 234.5 β€” 5/29/15 TWO CHARTED 173

    Destroyer is fantastic. I think Howard might dig on the album Kaputt. It's a very Summahy album
  13. sauze

    EPISODE 232.5 β€” 5/14/15 TWO CHARTED 171

    Can anyone illustrate what the hell a 'drinktangle' is ?