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    Episode 2 — Multitasking

    Another great episode Jeff & Dave. This rookie dad listened to it at the beginning of day 2 of a full week alone with his 11 month-old son. I think it can be scary to take care of your child alone the first time, but I have enjoyed the responsibility and the freedom to make decisions without running them by my partner (no disagreements, second-guessing, etc). Whoops. I didn't mean to sound sour. I just mean to say that if you are part of an over-involved parenting team, there are some perks to doing it by yourself at times. Keep them coming guys!
  2. hanneyballs

    Episode 107 — A Tale of Two Richards

    Best part: Dan Van Kirk trying to get involved by singing along with Richard on All Night Long - (8:45 in) Fantastic
  3. hanneyballs

    Episode — Love, Dad

    New dad here with an 11-month old. My kid has kept me home from most of the live comedy shows in my town over the last year (except for the CBB live show), but I haven't missed many of my Earwolf podcasts in that time. I'm anxious to add this one into the roster. I think I'd listen to Dave talk about anything. I pray to heaven that Gerald Tibbons is a guest on one of these episodes soon.
  4. hanneyballs

    Episode 168 — Breaking Bread

    Best part of this episode for me was Choctaw's reveal of Bob's old catchphrase, "God Dammit!" That took me back to the "No Parents Allowed" Mr. Show sketch, ,"Craig god dammit get out here!"
  5. Hell yeah Matt Besser made an appearance during Olympic coverage last night on the Mac genius ad. I sure hope the photocard turned out well. here
  6. hanneyballs

    Bunk: good?

    Bunk = good
  7. hanneyballs

    Favorite Characters?

    Captain Mustache [attachment=6837,151]
  8. hanneyballs

    Favorite Characters?

    Captain Mustache [attachment=6837,151]