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  1. PWestgate

    EPISODE 342 — A Silicon Valley P-Cast

    This was hands-down one of the funniest CBBs of all time. Thomas Middleditch is so unassuming, and his performance as Joey Tortellini was amazing. MVP material. This one will be on repeat!
  2. PWestgate

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    The whole Mark acting coach / Ice Chris / Fire derailed improv was so fucking funny. I just listened to it again. "Sucking....the....beautiful....!!"
  3. PWestgate

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Last Thursday started on a total high and ended on the lowest low. I woke up to the joyful news that one of my favorite bands, Blur, is putting out a new record in 2 months. It was going to be a great day. I spent most of the day at work listening to old Blur albums, b-sides, their interview with Zane Lowe, just getting excited. Then towards the end of the day, I saw Sarah's tweets, and then it all came crashing down very quickly. The thing I love most next to music is everything related to CBB, Earwolf, and comedy podcasts in general. There is no doubt Harris was a giant contributor to CBB and Earwolf, and his personality stood way, way out from the typical guest, on ANY podcast. He reminded me of dudes I grew up with -- very chill, very offbeat funny, witty, laid back, happy. And talented as hell. This is still going to take awhile to accept. But thankfully, this last epp w/ Harris, while bittersweet, is just what I needed. It really has helped and if it had to be his parting appearance, it feels like the only proper swan song there ever could have been. Thanks Scott, Brett, Adam, Chelsea, everyone. May Harris be resting well in that great big Gamehendge in the sky.
  4. PWestgate

    Episode 75 — The Farting Fuck Faces

    Everyone needs to listen to the Nowhere Boy trailer Scott and Matt do. Starts at 49:45: http://www.earwolf.com/episode/the-farting-fuck-faces/ The whole ep is fantastic with Matt as Zuckerberg. Worth the bump!
  5. PWestgate

    Episode 301 — They're Twins Jonah!

    I also cried tears of laughter while driving and listening to this podcast today. Yes, it was during the Victor podcast. I haven't laughed that hard since Cake Boss went into his second-sight trance, or since first hearing Paul Giamatti talk about getting kicked out of his hotel room for loud crying and because his room smelled like farts.
  6. PWestgate

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    I get what Scott is saying. He's just pointing out the double standard. He's also referring to the female comedians who do characters...not the Earwolf staff and contributors.
  7. PWestgate

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    I like the Nancy character a lot. Reminds me of Molly Shannon's Jeanie Darcy from the early '00s. I'm a fan.
  8. PWestgate

    Episode 102 — Behind the Music

    I'm listening to this episode again and I'm finding it brilliant. Tim's snippet of "Wash The Car" by his side project Tiananmen Square is hilarious. Buy the Heidecker & Wood album, it is subtle genius.
  9. PWestgate

    Favorite Characters?

    So many.... Brett Gelman as Billy Crystal performing outtakes from his Broadway show, "700 Sundays". Especially when Billy Crystal channels the ghost of Miles Davis. Brett Gelman as Scott Aukerman in his teleplay "Injustice For All". Quote: "Sweat Smellman, how the figgedy-fuggedy-fuck a diggedy-duggedy-duck are ya??" PFT as Cake Boss. I lose my shit completely when he is able to commune with the dead McLean Stevenson. I believe he has been bitten by a cake bug, a cake scarab, and a cake wolf -- did I get them all? Matt Besser as Bjork. Matt Besser as Bennett Stevens, the patronizing British podcast host. Nick Kroll as El Chupacabra. Jon Daly as Bill Cosby-Bukowski. Matt Besser as Mark Zuckerberg. "That was a hilarious data." Adam Pally as David Fine. <- This character will be underrated for a long time. James Adomian as Paul Giamatti. Especially when he talks about how the W Hotel kicked him out of his room for crying and farting. One of the most underrated of all time was Matt Besser and Scott Aukerman as John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the trailer for the movie "Nowhere Boy". There are at least a dozen others I'm forgetting....
  10. PWestgate

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    @sarah -- I live in the Bay Area, and I was being facetious about Americans not knowing about Blur. I think they are unjustly overlooked by a lot of people. Their catalog is more diverse than Oasis', though don't get me wrong, I do like Oasis a great deal. My favorite Blur album is "13", so if that says anything about my overall musical taste, you can derive the rest. I was hoping against hope that they would play the U.S. during their 2009 reunion, but clearly demand was not high enough......or, Damon continues to be disillusioned by America in general, and didn't want to play here. Yes, Pulp is a fine band. I do not know enough of their catalog to speak intelligently about them, but "Different Class" and "This Is Hardcore" are great records. A friend of mine constantly tries to get me into Suede. He says "Dog Man Star" is the greatest album ever recorded. I like it, but I don't agree. I tend to prefer my music from the UK in general. Favorites include Blur, Radiohead, The La's, The Clash, Bowie, Beatles, Supergrass, Duran Duran, Arctic Monkeys, The Police, Lily Allen, etc. etc.
  11. PWestgate

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    Some GREAT quotes from this episode.... During "Train Song", Scott says "Uh oh....someone's bouncing some bones off some skeleton heads!" Scott: "Where do they live?" Harris: "New York and Vermont." Scott: "New York AND Vermont...wow. Bi-coastal." After "Character Zero", Scott says "Ummmmmmm...........why did you play me that?"
  12. PWestgate

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    Scott, you list Oasis as one of your Top 10 favorite bands. I'm one of the very few Americans who prefers (or who even knows) Blur in the age-old battle of Britpop. What are your thoughts on them?
  13. PWestgate

    Bret Gelman podcast

    Co-sign on this. Very anxious for the Gelmania podcast to start. Even if it's Pod F. Tompkast style of only every month or so. I think we all need it.
  14. PWestgate

    Bret Gelman podcast

    Co-sign on this. Very anxious for the Gelmania podcast to start. Even if it's Pod F. Tompkast style of only every month or so. I think we all need it.
  15. PWestgate

    Top 5 CBB/CDR Moments

    I can't squeeze my favorites into a Top 5, nor do I think I could rank them appropriately, but here are at least 5 highlights for me.... - Matt Besser as Mark Zuckerberg. I often find myself doing this voice to the annoyance of my friends and family. - Cake Boss -- every single appearance. Scott: "No pun intended." CB: "No pun taken!" Also love the way he speaks in his trance in that whimpery voice, and how he says the name McLean Stevenson... - Every single Brett Gelman appearance. Most people prefer iBrain and I love it too, but I loved his follow-up teleplay Injustice For All and thought it was far more ridiculous / insane / genius. Majorly unsung performance was his Billy Crystal doing outtakes from his broadway show 700 Sundays. I wonder if it was planned for everything to unravel during Billy's impression of Miles Davis. "Miles Davis' lips...don't touch the pink...if the pink...stink...." - Both Adomian-as-Paul-Giamatti appearances. Paul had clearly become more deranged by his 2nd appearance with Reggie Watts. Unimaginably good. - Jon Daly's Bill Cosby-Bukowski. "This is your last Malcolm Jamal....warning!" - Matt Besser as Bennett Stevens, the pretentious British podcaster and host of Humor Laser Beam, The Dead Parrot Comedy Hour, and Having A Go At It. - Tim Heidecker. There's an evil genius to this whole episode and I know there was tons of controversy about it. But I think it's brilliant. The ending segment with Elton John and Bernie Taupin (Neil Hamburger) felt like a hidden-track / bonus-cut. - Matt Besser as Bjork. Threatening Taylor Swift: "I will gut her and I will have an ice elf shit icicles into her arm sockets!" There are so many others....every single Andy Daly character, every PFTompkins character, the Birthday Boys were great on the Paul Feig episode....