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    Get on your boots and make this happen, earwolff!
  2. Ghost Dad

    Episode 60 — Scott Aukerman, Co-Founder of Earwolf

    I was a lil drunk while listening... Jeff are you stepping away from Midroll and Earwolf or just Earwolf? Either way I will miss the Wolf Den, I listened to every episode and did love to hear the bread baking behind-the-scenes talk. Sounds like you needed the change, and I imagine something cool will come to you next. Good luck. Also, couldn't you still do Wolf Den's as chairman? My best to Earwolf and you, Jeff.
  3. You are amazing and this will just be another story for you to tell down the line. Know that there are many many people out there pulling for you and sending you good wishes and love!!!!
  4. Ghost Dad

    Episode 41 — The Chris Gethard Show

    Well, we live worlds (nations) apart, but maybe one day... maybe fate will bring us within speaking range... 'til then I remain an admirer, anything more would be creepy (creepier?) -GD
  5. Ghost Dad

    Episode 41 — The Chris Gethard Show

    Caroline you are a lovely young lady with a captivating speaking voice Also, I'd like to see Chris Gethard duet with Chris Gethard as played by TVs Andy Daly -Ghost Dad