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  1. I'm the guy who followed you on Instagram just now, brgrho. I now understand your name, also. Also, I liked a photo of yours that you took from a plane as you landed in Boston because I have pretty much the exact same photo on my instagram, and I thought that was weird, also, also. PS: Thanks, burdrulz! Your videos are v cool.
  2. honlads

    Episode 182 — Fantasy Baseball/Neurosis

    I think it's because Jimmy is straight out with everyone, but it's hard to know what Pete's thinking, because he just laughs at everything.
  3. If this doesn't end up on a Tuesday, Hollywood Handbook is a pretty nice Tuesday podcast.
  4. Thanks. Sure. Here's a poster thing I did. Stop Breathin' is a Pavement song. Here's an illustration. I won a competition with this one. Here's something I did especially for this show. Sorry for such a long post.
  5. I've got this weirdass project going where I'm going to the hospital to get a cyst removed from my face that is making me depressed (not a bit). I'm also in my final year of college, doing graphic design, and I'm busy at that. Damn Bruce, you're stealing my Irish stereotypes. The classic unshaven potato farmer look is my own wheelhouse that I've locked myself out of, and I can see the keys through a bad window. Also I'm a mug and it's torturous.
  6. Well I took every tip the boys gave on board. 3 days of sessions in the studio later, and I finally have a popcorn gallery song.
  7. If I had to pick the GPGQOAT (Greatest PG Question Of All Time) I'd pick this.
  8. RIP Bozos. He was good. I think he liked basketball or something, I was never sure, but then he rebranded as just Bozos. RIP.
  9. Tracey, do you wear a funny hat to get in the zone when writing? If yes, me too. If no, joke question.
  10. I'm actually on board the funny train honking the dang horn and throwing my head back.
  11. I was looking at this video I uploaded a while ago and noticed a fairly tasty compliment for our Hayes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgqIB2QT1ro Very nice to see the support.
  12. Did you tell him about the difference between crisps and chips? The lad will end up looking like a right bellend if he goes looking for "chips" and gets a pack of salt and vinegar crisps like a knobhead. The man will be the top of a dick!
  13. Sean singing the intro to "Can't Tell Me Nothing" over and over was very, very funny to me, but holy hell, the pipes on that guy!
  14. honlads

    Oh boy.

    Oh boy. Here we go.
  15. I was trying to figure this out myself so i tossed out a fairly fuckin good Venn diagram. By the the time I had 4 circles drawn for man, society, self, and nature, I realised what I'd been drawing was in a way 4 pickles sitting on a nice hamburger sandwich. U = Hamburger sandwich = food. Hope that helps.
  16. Clickhole's two-sentence horror story piece is very funny.
  17. Lots of ghastly ghouls up and about on Hallowe'en. Let me just say it's not my cup of tea.
  18. honlads

    Episode 179 — God

    I thought the first Pete Holmes laugh was a wacky sound drop.
  19. Occasionally things were on the verge of becoming a spicy meatball this week!!!!!!!!! Interesting vibes and I liked it.
  20. To be fair to the lovable lads, U2's performance of Every Breaking Wave on Jools Holland was pretty damn good. Bono's voice sounded excellent.
  21. Hollyweird it's more like!! I enjoyed you greatly on this ep, Andy.
  22. honlads

    "Please, Get My Back On This Guys."

    Is this where we post our addresses for some VHS tapes?