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    EPISODE 193 — Into the Thunderdome

    Still must respectfully disagree with you Mr. Chang, sir. You are right in saying that she did not know that he would not like his friends contacted for info about him- however, and it's, well, literally, in the comments section of her article -she says that she would have anyway. Here's the direct quote from the journalist- "1. I didn't know that at the time, 2. Even if I did, I still would have done it. It's basic journalism - and if someone says not to, that rings alarm bells." So this was not quite the honest mistake you're saying. She would have done it anyway. And if you want to to call into question basic journalism than knowing enough about who you are trying to learn about to make them feel comfortable giving you a good story might be basic as well. Alarm bells? really? And to completely clear I'm not rooting for Kozalek to keep acting like a nincompoop. I really really am not invested. But she doesn't get off scott free either saying stuff like that. It's silly- he's a guy who is a career musician not a member of congress or something. So question, how would you feel? I'm not saying Kozalek is right at all, or justified, or that it really matters. Just that she was clearly willing to step over some boundaries and did,and that her behavior was apparently not so hot either.
  3. Listing Listener

    EPISODE 193 — Into the Thunderdome

    I think that going to your interviewee's friends for information after you were asked not to isn't quite covered under " journalistic due diligence." If someone did the same thing to you how would you feel about that?
  4. Listing Listener

    EPISODE 193 — Into the Thunderdome

    As someone who has enjoyed the music of sun kil moon and Mark Kozalek for years this was a mighty strange listen. This guy makes very deep sad intense intimate tunes. They are very personal and his skill with a guitar is in its own class. He has toured on his own for decades and put out the majority of his music himself. From what I've learned all this work and dedication to his art basically affords him a house in San Francisco. He's really about as real and intimate and accomplished and dedicated a working class musician as you could hope to find. Having listened to his music and feeling that I've soaked up at least some of the man's personality I could certainly see how someone who has worked as hard as he has and continues to work as hard as he does and who writes songs about very personal aspects of his life has very very little patience for a journalist who is behaving like a disrespectful and uninformed bully and provocateur. His outburst is not surprising. I can't say I really care about defining wether or not he is a mysogonist at all-however if you are going to have it I think the discussion also must include a debate of who Mark Kozalek is and that the journalist behaved as a bully. As a fan of his I can say it has not one iota of impact on me enjoying his music. The man deserves his due recognition
  5. Listing Listener

    Episode 198— Fear and Living Well

    hey this episode and this guest were really quite something. Thank you.
  6. Listing Listener

    Episode 81 — Finger Fuckers

    Hey Matt, Interesting shows lately. I particularly enjoyed today's follow up over the discussion of bullying with Randy Cohen. One thing I thought of during was how in these debates in which you are clearly starting out on the right side it seems counterproductive to get worked up in terms of raising one's voice, speaking too quickly, etc. It seems like you are already the winner of such a "debate", and to think of it even as a debate is miscategorizing. It struck me that really what it is is that you are curious WHY people think and behave a certain ludicrous way that is dehumanizing of others. Can such a person really be debated? They look ridiculous before there is even a starting line. I never thought of it as much of a sport or game, but more a "What the fuck is up with these people?" A debate to me would be more like two dudes who both study one thing and have differeing conclusions. Like two Doctors disagreeing. What goes on in Case Closed is more like "Really? You believe this nonsense? Well I am curious why."-More of an investigation into ignorance out of curiosity. Anyhoo, maybe that makes a lick of sense, maybe not. Thanks for your podcast.
  7. Listing Listener

    Episode 99 — Pregnancy

    epic name that Punky.
  8. Listing Listener

    Episode 97 — Viruses

    I like it when you guys hang out in the hatch and play silly games and the stakes are low. Also name that punky came out of nowhere. Please don't try too hard when you go on tour. And also I might add, the guest today was great-he really knew what he was talking about, was funny and broadened my understanding of the topic.
  9. Andy Kindler is frickin' great.
  10. Listing Listener

    Episode 83 — Mayans

    I can always tell PB is going to be good if there is no guest and you guys aren't super scholars about the subject at hand either. It brings out the best in you. Also please do a proper in studio performance of the lonely guy christmas song.
  11. Listing Listener

    Episode 122 — A Woman Like That

    jonathan katz is great thanks for getting him.
  12. Listing Listener

    Episode 79 — Elections

    please finish the christmas song and play the whole thing sometime.
  13. Listing Listener

    Episode 187 — Finger Chimes

    OK this is off to an awesome start.
  14. Listing Listener

    Episode 187 — Finger Chimes

    Hey it's that guy from the best party down episode.
  15. Listing Listener

    Episode 17 — Gelmania XVII: The Way

    Also, Brett, do you listen to the band Swans? Your podcast sometimes makes me feel like if that band made comedy.