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  1. Mitch From Sask

    Episode 103.5 β€” Sklarbro County 8

    I love the Sklar Bros but.... ...the best part about the these County episodes is that we've gotten to know DVK better, and just how funny he is as himself and not just as characters. Thanks Sklars - these episodes are great!
  2. Mitch From Sask

    Episode 84 β€” Ally McVeal

    Glaser - "Ugh...Quizno's...so gross. No offense to Quizno's" Total offense to Quizno's (rightfully so),
  3. Mitch From Sask

    Episode 80 β€” Ms. Sklarbro Int’l

    Hate to say it, but Tyson is definitely a WWE celebrity Hall of Famer. The bit he was involved in is argueably one of the greatest in WWE history and played a huge part in getting WWE back on top. Here's something to consider though. At Wrestlemania 27, Snooki competed in a match (and actually scored a pinfall!) - so one would have to think that somewhere down the road, based on it's minimal requirements for celebirty entrants, WWE will be inducting her into it's Hall of Fame. I just can't believe that there isn't some kind of online pentition to get Ray Combs a post-mortum induction. His work at Wrestlemania VIII was classic! Loved Keegan this week. Would have liked to hear more about the MadTV years, though. Can't wait to see Key & Peele. Hopefully they can take it to a "Ho, Navah, Levvaaa" Also, I know for a fact that there was a Hooters in Taiwan. Er, not that I ever went there or anything...
  4. Mitch From Sask

    Episode 77 β€” Will Punch Shark

    Jenner asking Andy and the Sklars "Which alternative comedian is this?" and then calling him Patton is too funny. I think it's great when you guys let your guests interact with the callers. Great show!
  5. Mitch From Sask

    Episode 75 β€” New Year\'s Extravaganza

    This episode is incredible. Such a great way to end the year. Agreed that we need to see some in-studio video footage of this.
  6. Mitch From Sask

    Episode 73 β€” Ol\' Cookiebeard

    Best Thorn fantasy report yet. Also, to add to the Ricky Steamboat bit - his real name is Richard Blood, which is a great wrestling name on it's own. Although maybe it's not that great for the baby-face good guy that Steamboat portrayed his entire career...
  7. Mitch From Sask

    Episode 66 β€” Sklarington Manor

    Can't wait to hear what Bruce Jenner has to say this week. Maybe B. Gumble could interview him???
  8. Mitch From Sask

    Episode 65 β€” Gumballs to the Wall

    Bad news for Seagal - Van Damme "beat him to the punch" by at least 3 years when he starred in the direct to Video classic "The Shepherd: Border Patrol". JCVD played Jack Robideaux in a movie where "A Texas cop battles ex-navy seals who are trying to traffic drugs from Mexico into the USA.". I guess in Seagal's defense, JCVD has to resort to playing this role in movies while Seagal is living it in real life - riding his ATV up and down the dusty border living on canned beans and beef jerky, with his finger on the trigger of his un-safetied rifle.
  9. Mitch From Sask

    Episode 61 β€” A Tale of Two Griffins

    I bet B. Gumble's stand up routine is funnier than John Mayer's. One thing you can definitely say about Mayer is that by no way does he bring the Raw Bone. Hearing a John Mayer song on a commercial airline's overhead speakers during boarding is enough to make a guy fly private. I would love to see Blake Griffin play for the Generals - just as long as the Globetrotters don't pull down his basketball shorts in the middle of the game to reveal that he's wearing really embarrassing boxer shorts with hearts & cupids all over them. How could he ever show his face in public again?
  10. Mitch From Sask

    Episode 60 β€” Bring the Raw Bone

    Love the timid "Uh...Henderson" at 6:32. What's funnier: Nash's B. Jenner or B. Gumble?