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    Thank you Scott Aukerman

    Laura that is really something possibly a lot of us can relate to. Actually I found Earwolf back when it was literally one podcast: Comedy Bang Bang, and episode 14 was the latest episode then. I was hooked immediately, I was at that time looking for something to distract me from my own loss, that was tremendous loss to me as well, personally. This place has given me immense pleasure and even healing, honestly. Its been wonderful to see the success grow from one little show called "Comedy Death Ray", which it was at that time. Thanks for helping me get through stuff and cheer me up too, Scott and the rest!
  2. Terrigen

    Episode 415 - The Longest Pig Pile

    Thank you Gino and CBB, I needed a new display name!
  3. Terrigen

    Nerd Poker Fan Campaign?

    I am available Saturday night and am used to staying up late. The Roll20.net link works but no campaign is set up to join there yet. I'll check back here tonight. Thanks for letting me take part in this experiment. Also, I can potentially DM, maybe not for the first go-round, but I know a thing or two and have been building my own campaign world for years. Also I've been recommended trying discordapp.com for voice communication. Its free and easy, browser-based. I'm free for any game-testing that needs to be done. Cheers!
  4. Terrigen

    Nerd Poker Fan Campaign?

    Count me in, if you need players, I have all the free time in the world right now. And cannot find a group to play with. I am on Roll20.net ready to rumble!
  5. Terrigen

    EPISODE 200 — 200th Episode!

    OMG 15 minutes in and I'm cackling and peeing my pants because Star Wars - Thank you Humons!
  6. I listened to this episode twice yesterday, and I'm going to listen to it today again. This was the happiest surprise from the Scotts that I could ever imagine. But still ... no fuckin T-shirts bro! Seriously ... looks like the Scotts have to get another interview with the lovable lads from Liverpool and this time they better bring some bloody T SHIRTS !!! In the meantime maybe Scott and Scott will record a commentary track over their U2 interview episode. One can dream. . .
  7. Terrigen

    EPISODE 343 — Athlete's Head

    Wow another stellar lineup, it is going to be impossible to vote at the end of this year, we already have had every episode C+ grade, right down the line! Thank you Earwolf!
  8. Terrigen

    EPISODE 342 — A Silicon Valley P-Cast

    I want everyone to know, that doesn't realize it already, that this season of CBB on Earwolf is the BEST ever, already. Every week has been an amazing lineup, this is the most solid year yet and I look forward to the next 9 months of it. Thanks again Comedy Bang Bang! Been loving it since episode 14. Before that I don't know where I was but I didn't love you then! But now I love you! More than ever!
  9. Terrigen

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Comedy Bang Bang (Death Ray Radio) was in its infancy when I went through a tragedy in my own life 6 years ago. I discovered a place with one podcast that was so GOLD it could take me out of my sadness and keep me connected with the larger world ... I kept coming back, it kept me sane through the troubling years ahead. The family here grew and grew and here we are ... Harris felt like part of all our family, the same way the whole huge community comes together in this special way on Earwolf ... I was praying for something to ease the pain on Monday ... and this is beyond any blessing I could have imagined. Thank you Earwolf and thank you Harris ... I am in your foam corner forever.
  10. Best. Episode. Ever.
  11. Terrigen

    EPISODE 334 — The Dream Team

    Ohhh Myyyy Gooooddd *Presses Play immediately* AND a UTU2TM !!!!
  12. Terrigen

    Episode 111 — Fudge Son

    Yes those toys were called Battle Beasts and we had all of them. Also, saving throws are supposed to be rolled over, not under. You have to roll same or better on the score.
  13. Wow! I got so damn excited seeing this pop up! I miss Mr. Gelman so much! Now, I can't listen because soundcloud is being mean to me. Please someone fix this link! I need!
  14. Terrigen

    Episode 89 — Gooby

    I'm watching this movie right now, to prepare for the podcast. So far I kind of like it. I want a big Gooby costume so much! Gooby! That being said, I will probably hate it by the end.
  15. Terrigen

    Episode 297 — Canadian Apparel

    Hahaha you caught that too? The vibe was very strange at times. Another great ep though.
  16. Terrigen

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    Hello everyone, I play D&D over Skype semi-regularly. We still play old-school AD&D, kind of a mix of 1st and 2nd edition. Anyway I am DMing my own campaign with a couple friends and it works great. I have a tripod set up with a web-cam that is over my Megamat, so I draw on the map and show the location of my players, its really cool and works well. They have cameras showing their dice rolls, so its still very much pen and paper D&D. I would absolutely love to play or DM, in the Skype manner. Please message me if you like. Also I would totally play Pathfinder, or Hackmaster. I'll learn and play any system, but I really don't like 4th edition. Having never played, I'll give it a try but it appears to be abominable. bmaxson@gmail.com