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    Episode 43 — Songs In The Key of SoBe

    Oh lordy, I love Who Charted but please please please: 1) Don't abandon Chart Chatter 2) Don't abandon everyone announcing the chart number in unison 3) Don't explain the last chart to the guest -Tom
  2. Howard and Kulap, as near as I can tell, y'all have only ever done videogaming charts once. If you're going to throw in esoteric stuff like the top singles in Japan, at least throw us an occasional videogame chart. Stuff like the top selling games of the month, or the most searched for videogames on Amazon.com, or even the top five iPhone gaming apps. Haven't you guys heard? Videogames are the new Hollywood! -Tom, who makes a living in the videogaming industry and therefore has a vested interest in y'all talking about them
  3. tomchick

    Episode 42 — 12.5 Cups of Summah

    I loved Kulap's reaction to Drive! Howard either needs to see more movies that aren't called Jaws, or he needs to let Kulap talk more about the movies she's seen. -Tom