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  1. sorenconrad

    Episode 48 — Priest of Judas

    Great episode! Very funny and the story was solid.
  2. sorenconrad

    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    Hahaha.. I love it. 20 6 siders, that stings. I love the full switch to 2e since you guys have those rules down solid. Amarth! Glad he went the way he did, I think there has to be concqounces for dangerous actions and routes. Maybe Brian can be the old man.
  3. sorenconrad

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    I play Pathfinder for all my fantasy rpg games but fairly wore out on fantasy settings to be truthful. Also a touch sick of D20 in general Currently in a NWOD 1870s campaign and looking to get a NON magic GURPS action campaign back up and running by the end of the year
  4. sorenconrad

    Episode 44 — Limp Butt

    I like the banter but like corky, thought this one was a little unfocused. I think/hope it is just an out lyre. I don't mind the pace of the show. I think sark has a good campaign going and just see this as a natural D&D slow down that happens from time to time. In fact, as far as actual play podcasts go, this has been fairly face paced. Sark has mentioned how the pcs haven't gone the path he was thinking on a few things so as said before, that could add to to it. Not that he is stalling just that decisions pcs and he have made have lead to a bit of a slow down to get all the way through it. It's a common phenomenon and I wouldn't think these guys are immune to it. Sark has been on here and honestly! I don't want him to read all this and try to change his style or end something briefly because we think it has slowed. The current arc is near a close and it will likely pick up the pace from there.
  5. sorenconrad

    Episode 43 — Let's Hop Out and Kill Grandpa

    I liked the break down of the editions at the start of the episode . Sark is a shitty 4e GM since he doesn't know the rules but he is an excellent overall GM improvising rolls to be what rolls are meant to be for, making fate decide a certain direction of the story. I am glad they are done with 4e even if they never really plaed it. 4e was crap. I also liked that they turned into needless vandals at the end of the show. And yeah, the triangle should stay
  6. sorenconrad

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    Doing d and d 3.5/pathfinder is the way to go. Good job
  7. sorenconrad

    Other RPG's

    Yeah, D&D is over played but what ever works for the group. Hero is a solid game(more detailed then gurps!?! I didn't understand that comment since gurps is the king of detail and crunch). Since they love Star Wars so much I think travelers or a generic based system would be a great for a new campaign.....in space!
  8. sorenconrad

    Sark-esque Adventures?

    Also, there is a lot of great stuff on the Internet on how to start DMing. Hell, use sarks first setting of being lost on a ship and see where your story goes. Chances are your pcs will act differently then the nerd poker group and you will likely have a completely different story and/or world after a few sessions.
  9. sorenconrad

    Sark-esque Adventures?

    A little late to this post but On GMing: Sark has obviously been DMing for awhile so to shoot for his level before learning to walk might burn you out. Skip the modules, very few people like railroading. Here is my guess on how sark works. He doesn't seem like a "the world is fully fleshed out from one side of the map to the other" kinda guy. My guess is he had the collector idea along with the starting on the ship, a brief outline of the world they where going too and let the group kinda dictate where the story went. Basically, he planned the first 2 hours of story and then allowed the pcs to create the story, then after the session he thinks about where the pcs are heading and then preps for the next session based on what they gave him. The biggest thing for a new GM is to not get to attached to the ideas you have came up with since your pcs will likely fuck your prep up with a direction you didn't think they where going to go in. New gms tend to railroad, being to attached to their ideas. Prep some npcs, prep some combat npcs, get a basic story as to how the characters end up together , quickly think of the world or part of a known world they are in and then let the pcs guide the story. Then after each session prep for the immediate actions they will take and let them go from there. Let the story simmer a bit and ideas will come naturally. Also, once you DM, your sensitivity to TV, movies, and books become increased and you can draw ideas from that media to fit into your story. Let it flow.