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  1. I like all kinds of movies. Bad ones can be incredibly enjoyable. And I like them in an honest, non-ironic way. I don't want more because of the podcast, but I like how they tackle bad mainstream stuff.
  2. rafterman

    Episode 59 — Spice World

    I saw this in the theater way back when. Got a kick out of Paul saying he saw this as a kid since we're about the same age.I think the film is dumb fun. It's certainly not as offensive as many bad movies are. It knows what it is and what it wants to be. It's just not a good version of that.
  3. rafterman

    Six Pack

    Six Pack! The Kenny Rogers classic from the 80s. Young Diane Lane! Kenny is a NASCAR driver with a shitty car and a motorhome who takes on the responsibility of raising a brood of ragamuffins. Will he help them or will they help him?
  4. rafterman

    Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)

    I loved this when I was a kid.
  5. She's had a recurring role on The Good Wife.
  6. How did this cost sixty million to make? That's a third of the John Carter budget. This crap looks like it was shot in Eastern Europe for a dollar.
  7. rafterman

    Episode 49 — Cobra: LIVE!

    Dude, the bad guy from Dirty Harry, Andrew Robinson is in this film as well.
  8. rafterman

    Episode 48 — Sleepaway Camp

    This was a great episode. I started to listen before I saw the movie, but stopped so I could enjoy the insanity with them. I'm glad I waited to listen to the rest. I totally called that ending. What a crazy fucking movie. After, I went and watched Return to Sleepaway Camp. Do that one next. Get Ricky on and discuss the sequel. That movie is bananas as well. That fucking kid, Alan.
  9. rafterman

    Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

    This movie is so awesome. Do it.