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  1. I just had to ensure that this was properly represented here.
  2. gordbird

    Episode 23.5 — Minisode 23.5

    HAAA! Superman III is such a pile of trash. It exemplifies just about all the bad decisions that producers can make to meddle in a good franchise and grind it into the dirt. I mean SERIOUSLY; TAR??!? Really looking forward to this episode!
  3. gordbird

    Episode 20 — Punisher: War Zone

    So I'm only half way into this episiode, but I felt compelled to create an account and drop my first comment. You guys had been losing me, but this episode has brought me back. Patton is fantastic beyond words, but the real gem here was having Lexi Alexander in the studio. Her insights to "HOW THE FILM WAS MADE" and the politics and "Highschool" absolutely made the episode. This should be your future. You guys are funny and sarcastic. You've got a great thing going, but this should be more your direction. Get deeper into the "How the WTF" instead of the "pure WTF. I loved this movie a long time ago, and it's hilarious bad moments were its charm. I'm glad you all agreed, and I hope you can get more directors and brains like this in the studio in the future. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go look up the rest of Lexi's films, because my respect for her knows no bounds.