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  1. Without realizing it, Scott and John talked all around Jerry Garcia being grateful to be dead.
  2. MentalKnight

    Episode 400 - The War on Surfing

    Scott hasn't seen Reggie in a while? Have they gotten someone else to sing the opening theme? Have they started prerecording it? So confused.
  3. MentalKnight

    Best of 2015 Pt. 1

    Egg nog man. Egg nog man.
  4. MentalKnight

    Episode 92 β€” Dead Man’s Rock

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! It was several months ago, I had given up hope! Another great episode guys! Her Majesty's Cunt indeed.
  5. MentalKnight

    Episode 29 β€” This Is Rude

    So glad you guys are back! I don't watch any reality shows, and you're still one of my favorite podcasts!
  6. MentalKnight

    Episode 13 β€” Up Goes The Lift

    In the past six episodes, we've heard more from Brian's babysitter than from Gerry. What REALLY happened to him? Surely you can't expect us to believe that this otherwise smart, creative bunch of players couldn't think of a way to write him back in by now? They couldn't have just run into him right away at the survivor base camp? You fudge all the rules to keep the game fun, but when it comes to writing Gerry back in, you're the strictest roleplaying motherfuckers I've ever heard of. You can't even just have him there to hang out and crack wise? There's something you're not telling us. But seriously, love the podcast. Do whatever you want.
  7. MentalKnight

    Episode 48 β€” Emotional Luggage

    You guys are one of my very favorite podcasts. So it is with respect that I have to tell you (AGAIN) that it is pronounced "Killian" Murphy.
  8. MentalKnight

    Episode 45 β€” Sex Chickens

    Have to agree with all those who loved the "change your disease" bit. However, I hope you all got slammed with listeners telling you it's pronounced "Killian." Hard to believe that people, in the L.A. area no less, are constantly comparing JDR to him, and none of them has ever bothered to pronounce his name correctly.
  9. MentalKnight

    Episode β€” Earwolf Challenge Epilogue

    I am late to the Earwolf Challenge, but I just listened to all of it in a few days. I was constantly frustrated and infuriated, especially with Matt Besser, but I will try to keep this constructive. I apologize if any/all of this has already been said. If you ever try this again, maybe you will find this useful. If you don't, well, at least I can get this off my chest and feel a little less filthy continuing to support Earwolf. -- 1) Don't bother with the time-crunch again. I loved the concept and it worked well, but podcasts will be ready for it next time. -- 2) One challenge should be (should have been) "Send us 3 minutes that will make us LAUGH." I was so disappointed to hear more and more as the Challenge went on that you weren't necessarily interested in finding the funniest podcasts, or rewarding the funniest clips. Really? Well how about ONE week where you actually care about being funny? -- 3) Mute the judges when playing the clips. The judges pointed out many times how difficult it is to follow audio without confusion. How do you think we felt with an extra track thrown in there, and we have to figure out if that laugh was in the clip or not? -- 4) I don't care if you want to advance two podcasts with terrible sound quality to the final two, that aspect really doesn't matter to me very much. But please, please do not give sound quality notes over and over to other podcasts, but heap constant praise on and continually advance podcasts who sound like they're talking into paper cups. -- 5) Listen to the clips again, at least the bottom three. So much of the time, the judges were so confused, or missed the premise, or remembered the clip incorrectly, and it was torture for us listeners who, well, actually listened. There were times when they literally picked on a podcast for "not doing" something they clearly, objectively, did. They spent so much time debating what they thought they heard and what they misremembered they heard, but they couldn't spare a few minutes to just check again? Just a quick check to determine, "Is it me, or is it the podcast?" Please re-listen to the bottom three off air, during deliberation. -- Thank you for putting all of this together, Earwolf. In a way, I suppose I enjoyed listening, and I found some podcasts I really like. Thank you Matt Besser, I know we didn't always get along (in my head), but to do all of that for free is really admirable.