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    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    This podcast is a gift. Not just this one, but all of them. It's interesting that Scott questions the point of all of this right before releasing this one. Harris passing just solidifies the point of this podcast. This podcast, along with Harris' many other appearances allowed us to get to know him. All of us who are not fortunate enough to be brilliant comedy writers would have no access to people like Harris. This podcast is probably the most important thing you could produce for most of us. Shows are funny, and denote more success, but ultimately for the viewer are well crafted jokes and characters. Seeing, and feeling like we can know these wonderful comedians means the world. I was honestly shocked how much I was effected by Harris' passing. Many comedians have passed away over the years and they are always sad, but this really did feel like someone I knew. And I thought about all the Phish opinions and BS feedback people have for Scott or Harris or any podcast and I think we all just want to say "thanks". This is the greatest thing you can do for us. I feel like I know all these people because you let us in on the minutiae. They are right, the scheduling thread was great. We get to see you interact and it makes us feel like we're friends. Just, thank you. Thank you for the show. Thank you for letting us know Harris. Thank you for Foam Corner. For me personally this and other podcasts I listen to has done more for me and gives me more satisfaction than the best TV show or movie out there. It does seem pretty thankless, so thank you.
  2. treiphish

    Episode 102 — Tango & Cash

    I never watch the movies unless I just stumble across them. But I have watched them later and relistened to the podcast. I have yet to be "lost". The new intro song is A-MAZE-EING!!
  3. treiphish

    Episode 100 — Junior

    I personally don't usually watch the movies unless I stumble across it on netflix and it's coming up. I've never found myself too thrown on my enjoyment of what they are talking about. With many, like "Junior", I've seen in the past and that's plenty for me to listen to them riff. I honestly like when they go around and say whether it's worth watching and occasionally if it get's a recommendation I'll go watch it and just relisten to the episode. However, it sounds as though you have a history of watching before listening. If that is the case, this movie is definitely better than stuff you have already watched, but I won't be rewatching this anytime soon. ...As I'm looking at what I did, I see this is the least helpful response ever.
  4. treiphish

    Episode 300 — Oh, Golly! You Devil

    I want to hear a post-show interview with Andy Daly, just to see how mentally exhausting this is. I love how Jason & Scott push him to jump between characters and come up with limericks. A true talent, fucking hilarious.
  5. treiphish

    Episode 188 — Summah Donkey

    I think Howard is the flag burner:
  6. treiphish

    Episode 9 — Hollywood Bowl

    Scott willingly going to another show, you did it Harris! Way to go!
  7. I feel very similar to Harris with his opinion about U2. but I agree that it's not simply that it sounds dated. Cause anything can sound dated. I grew very tired of U2 similar to the Stones where I got so sick of their radio hits that I just didn't like them. Then you couple that with their public persona and you just want them to go away. But with the Stones I went deeper and discovered great albums with tracks I've never heard. I never gave U2 that chance, but perhaps I should because some of these B-sides sound interesting. It's very tough to vocalize, cause it's like U2 just "feels" like a 90's pop-rock group. But I think it's just that they make hits. Everything just seems like a single. It's like they were saying about this album, just starts with 4 monster hits. But the stuff from Zeppelin or the Beatles that is great are albums, not just their big pop hits. I don't know everything just sounds like a stadium anthem or something. I guess there's no way to breakdown "meh, it's just not my thing."
  8. treiphish

    Episode 83.5 — Minisode 83.5

    Congrats!! I'm excited to hear what the first movie will be that the baby sits through.
  9. This podcast needs a dissenting view like Scott in "Analyze Phish", otherwise it's essentially equivalent to Harris Wittels talking to Harris Wittels about how great Phish is...but maybe I just don't care for U2 and negativity is not needed.
  10. treiphish

    Episode 143 — Normies

    I thought this as well. I've often heard The Who referenced as the beginning of punk, but I think a lot of stuff was going on at the time beyond just the Beatles. But obviously the Beatles were hugely influential in many ways. But it's easy to compare the cheapest pop of the day to the Beatles in their prime and deem it garbage. The Beatles also started as a horrible pop band before they found their voice and started to do their own thing.
  11. treiphish

    Episode 7 — A Crazy Moment in Phishtory

    Show format suggestion. Lose Scott and skeptics who just want to shit on the band. Bring in someone who has music they would like to share and share back and forth with Phish and their favorite underdog band. It'll even the playing field and will be more people just enjoying music. I can't listen to people just looking for openings to shit on phish anymore. The internet is already full of people just shitting on other people's likes. You're the best Harris!
  12. treiphish

    Episode 59 — Gun Control

    I usually hate listening to these call-ins, but I have to say, this call in discussion was one of the best I've heard. I honestly expected another ridiculous caller and just ripping him to shreds. I kind of feel like this was a worthwhile discussion. I think the problem is no one even wants to talk reform, even though most, like this guy, would probably be ok with it.
  13. treiphish

    Episode 100 — 100th Episode LIVE from UCB-LA

    Howard was ON in this episode! Love it! "you figured out how to make it through life without fighting in a cage."
  14. treiphish

    Episode 6 — Education

    Great things to think about. My wife and I have had this discussion a lot. She's a lawyer, with huge debt, making an embarrassing salary. You touched on so many good topics, and they all seem to apply. It's not practical to have kids working in factories to teach them work ethic, and our parents all thought if you go to college it will just work out, but that is also not true. I agree that the answer seems to be to encourage the passions your kids have. The guy working the concession stand needs a kick in the ass and some encouragement to do something he cares about. Even working towards something motivates the rest of your life. On the flip side I think some people in our country waste far too much of their energy on work. I have friends who work in Chicago an average of 50-60 hours a week and can't leave work at work. Their work ethic is exceptional and somewhat of a detriment to their lives at home. The analogy you guys came up with that our lives are a work of art is perfect. And in this case their work of art is just a job, not their family, and we easily loose focus of what's truly worth our time. I agree with Jeff in my thought that my son will benefit more by some life experience than from just going to college with no clear directive. My current thought is to encourage his passions and help guide him to something he may enjoy. If he has a love of math and a gift with finances, I won't discourage him from becoming an accountant but I might have him work with a friend to see what that type of work entails. But a bachelor of arts in "whatever" just to have a degree is worthless. I also have about 18 years to see, so I am very interested in what the college landscape looks like then. My best guess is that the system will somewhat correct itself, and a growing lack of attendance will change the costs and technology will change the idea of what college is. We already have free courses in podcast and other forms and I think good things will come of it. Thanks again for the show!
  15. treiphish

    Episode 3 — Mortality

    The discussion of mortality and time management in the same thought is a good way to approach it. As humans we are conflicted in our drive to succeed and what that means to us. It's a balancing act to maintain a career and be involved with your family. I have a friend who just took on a new opportunity which keeps him very engaged but he's apart from his young daughter many nights in a row, I am on the opposite end with a new job that offers me more free time with my young son. When we talk we have opposite concerns, and we each are hoping for more of what the other has. This discussion of who to spend time with ties in directly to a previous discussion of how to manage time between children. In everyday life it seems that those people who demand more of your time deserve less of it. I think the goal is to know how you want to spend your time, and work on being firm in dismissing people who want to waste it while trying to maintain a loving disposition. Easier said than done. Love the advice to consider what your children would think about your actions...but, um...can we take masturbation off the table, unless we're talking about a serious chronic problem? haha, I guess that's the test.