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  1. Defmx04

    Episode 156 β€” Drunkle

    I love Dickey V! I can't wait for the Christmas character episode. Please bring back Stephen A. Smith!!!!!
  2. Defmx04

    Episode 229 β€” Two Thumbs & Not Much Else

    there was literally two minutes of singing.......
  3. Defmx04

    Episode 154 β€” Life’s Bouncer

    Great SBC big show! My only complaints about the regular Country shows .....not enough Dan Van Kirk.
  4. Defmx04

    Episode 152.5 β€” Sklarbro County 57

    Spice is synthetic weed. It gets you blown, but doesn't show up on most drug tests or stay in your system as long as marijuana.
  5. Defmx04

    Episode 225 β€” Super Chums

    haha......I caught that one too
  6. Glad you finally got Amy on the Podcast. I reallly hope for a UCB TV reunion, but if it never happens this will definitely last in my brain hole.
  7. Schwartz and Huebel are hands down the best I4H guests
  8. Defmx04

    Episode 144 β€” Movie Dad

    ok....so i saw the horse punch video. It wasn't even that bad. He missed the horse with the first punch. Then the guy placed his left arm on the horse so he could leverage him self to throw a violent punch, but before he could a cop tackled him. You guys are such babies.
  9. The thing that I find hilarious about this episode, is that as much as LA people despise Entourage, they have seemingly watched almost every episode.
  10. Your goal of making this podcast the best podcast on the internet is definitely within grasp. This episode was amazing. All you need is to get Matt, Ian, and Amy on an episode and make a UCB TV reunion episode happen!
  11. Matt, you couldn't be more off by supporting Bloomberg's 32 oz. or bigger soda ban. I too understand the spirit behind the law, but nobody should be allowed to tell any citizen in this country what to consume or not consume. As stupid as this sounds, killing yourself with surgary garbage is one's right as an American. You should turn your anger at the great fat people of Mississipi towards the Pepsi and Coca-Cola corporations that produce this shit and sell it
  12. Defmx04

    Episode 139 β€” Cock Pulldowns

    Yeah, what was the name of that song at the end?
  13. Defmx04

    Episode 204 β€” The Pepper Men

    A rapping android named oilslick 2.0 hahaha brilliant