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  1. drpeppermd

    Episode 146 — Get the Tarantino Guy

    BTW, since you asked about the Toronto Maple Leafs. Their official story is that they were named after the Maple Leaf Regiment which fought in World War I. Since Maple Leaf is a proper noun, you pluralize it by adding s at the end. Like Mr. and Mrs. Child are the Childs, not the Children. But there doesn't seem to be any evidence that there ever was a Maple Leaf Regiment. The truth is that the hockey club most certainly got their name from a minor league baseball team of the same name (like the New York Giants in the NFL copied the name of the baseball team that now resides in San Francisco). According to baseball reference the team that became the baseball Toronto Maple Leafs started in 1895 in the Eastern League. The Eastern League at the time was a class-A league, which was one level below the majors (the other classifications being class-B, class-C, and class-D). They first took the name the Maple Leafs in 1899, probably because they were the team with a maple leaf on their jersey. Team names weren't very creative then. It was the color of your socks, the color of your jerseys, or something equally mundane. They had a maple leaf on their jersey, so they were the Maple Leafs (c.f. with the Cincinnati Reds, the Boston Red Sox (originally the Red Stockings) and the Chicago White Sox (ditto) today). In 1912, the AA-class was created (once again at the time the highest level below the majors), and the Eastern League changed its name to the International League and moved up to AA. In 1927, when the Toronto St. Patricks hockey club were sold to Conn Smythe and looking for a new name, the baseball Maple Leafs were riding high, having won the lL pennant the year before. The baseball team was owned by Lawrence "Lol" Solman, Solman was also managing director of the Mutual Street Arena, the premier hockey rink in Toronto at that time. What better way for Smythe to ingratiate himself with arena management (and ride the coattails of another successful sports team) than to change his hockey team to the Maple Leafs? The hockey club won 11 Stanley Cup championships over the next 40 years, and nowadays probably don't want to admit that at one time they were less popular than a minor league baseball team. Hence the "Maple Leaf Regiment" story. The International League moved up to AAA when that was created in 1946. Those Maple Leafs saw a decline in attendance in the mid 50s, and while they won 3 IL pennants in the 60s, the writing was on the wall when they were sold to a businessman in 1967 who moved the team to Louisville and made them the Colonels. The team only lasted there a couple of years before being moved to Pawtucket and becoming the Pawtucket Red Sox. Toronto got a major league team only a few years later when the Blue Jays were founded in 1977.
  2. drpeppermd

    Episode 136 — A Nye For A Nye

    I'm waiting for Bill Nye the Science Guy to discover this and tell you that the moon isn't zero-gravity.
  3. drpeppermd

    Episode 13 — Up Goes The Lift

    Probably happened accidentally. Like the babysitter shows up early and he's not ready yet. Or he's just gotten out of the shower or whatever. On topic, I'm glad Sarah is using the character builder. She's became my favorite podcast personality, and not in the pervy way that some people seem to be interested in her.
  4. drpeppermd

    Episode 11 — The Battle Continues

    You guys need to make up some power cards so that you don't waste so much time looking up what defense the attack is against, or how much damage it does and stuff. Also makes it easy to figure out what all your powers are so that you can decide which one to use. Here's a link to a PDF of a full set a guy made. http://www.mediafire.com/?9yigxywq1zc
  5. drpeppermd

    Episode 124.5 — Sklarbro County 29

    So are these real prank calls you guys are making? I'm gonna be honest with you, I think I'm gonna start skipping over them. Prank calls always seem incredibly awkward to me, and I can't help but think how I would feel as the person on the other end of that call having to be put through a ridiculous situation for the sake of your comedy.
  6. drpeppermd

    Episode 94 — Stalking An Old Nugget

    Your talk of your lack of hatred for the Brewers interests me. I have a real interest in one-way rivalries, where fans of on team hate another team and the other team doesn't really care. I wish I could ask the fans of every team who their biggest rival is. I'm a casual follower of the Brewers, and I know their biggest rivals are St. Louis and the Cubs. The Cubs might be first, given that their fans frequently take over Miller Park when they come to town (understandable given that they can attend a game at Miller Park for much cheaper, and they don't have to pee in urinal troughs like they do in Wrigley). As a Packer fan, I'm pretty sure that the Detroit Lions have a one-way rivalry with us. Detroit has had a history too pitiful for hatred.
  7. drpeppermd

    Episode 157 — God Bless America

    Gary Marshall thinks Mary Lou Retton is 25? So when she competed in the '84 Olympics, she was -3?
  8. drpeppermd

    Episode 20 — Punisher: War Zone

    Well unfortunately I have to disagree with everyone else. I listen to HDTGM to hear you review horrible movies. I can hear people review movies they like everywhere else on the internet. I also don't want this to turn into "person from the movie comes on to explain themselves." From the comments I seem to be in the minority, but that's my opinion.