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    Episode 135 — Toilet Babies!

    I cleaned dorn bathrooms and took trash to the dumpster every morning to earn room and board in college. And every morning I would check the dumpster for babies before I threw the trash in there. Also, when I see a bag of trash on the side of the interstate, my first thought is that someone has thrown their baby away. It seems as though those stories were hyped in the 90's when I was a kid and I guess I just thought that finding one would be inevitable. I also felt that if I found a discarded baby that the instinct, after saving it, would be then to raise it.
  2. beardedwone

    Episode 126 — Suicide is Painless

    Can you please make the laughing M*A*S*H theme into a ringtone? Free, of course. I would suggest you start at the point where everyone joins in.