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    Episode 20.5 — HDTGM 20.5

    Take a drink every time: 1. You are beaten over the head with the "symbolism" of the colors red or blue. 2. Slow-motion is used for "dramatic" effect. 3. Another twist! occurs. 4. LiLo is stripping and you don't see her boobs. 5. Dakota does something to demonstrate that she's "bad." 6. Jesus Christ, you haven't passed out yet? Get someone to drive you to the hospital ASAP!
  2. Emaji

    Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

    Good lord, this movie doesn't have WTF moments; the entire thing is one giant WTF. It is the perfect example of how not to make a film. The writing, editing, sound design, CGI "effects", acting and plot all miss the mark by a landslide. It was made for $10,000 but looks even cheaper. The story of how it got made and became midnight movie fodder is quite interesting, more so than the movie itself. But don't worry, there are countless shots of a shiny blue Mustang! Oh yeah, and some birds.