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    Episode 60 — Street Fighter

    I enjoyed the episode although I would argue that the title of "worst videogame movie" would have to go to Uvve Boll's "House of the Dead". That film is so badly made it makes Street Fighter look like "Apocalypse Now" in comparison.
  2. Yeah, as Boll progressed his movies become a bit less incompetent so that they're just boring rather than 'so bad its good'. His earlier stuff like House of the Dead, Bloodrayne & Alone in the Dark are (unintentionally) entertaining. I read somewhere that Boll casts his movies at the last minute just before filming begins. This enables him to get named actors who would otherwise turn him down as they wouldn't commit to his terrible movies in 6 months time since they know they'll get better offers in the meantime. But if the actors are offered something at short notice they'll take the money if they're just sitting on their ass for the next couple of weeks.
  3. I enjoyed this episode's more serious tone as a change of pace to the usual more comedic episodes. Now, I much prefer the style of the regular episodes but it was an interesting contrast to hear the guys debate the movie seriously. By a weird coincidence the "Flop House" podcast also covered this movie recently but they weren't won over by Timothy Green's 'whimsical' charms... http://www.flophouse...othy-green.html
  4. Mike N

    Episode 43 — Wild Wild West

    For a film as terrible as WWW they hardly discussed it. Most of the podcast was just Kevin Smith re-telling his Jon Peters story. I'm a big fan of Smith but even by his own admission his Jon Peters story is only tangentially connected to WWW and it could be summarized in a nutshell as "Jon Peters really likes spiders". I've enjoyed previous guests because they were either involved in the making of the film in question or were big fans of it. Smith's only connection with WWW is that he name-checked it as a punchline in one of his stories.
  5. Great episode. It was interesting to hear some of the behind the scenes stuff that went on in the development of the Punisher film. Overall I enjoyed War Zone but for me it was a mixed bag. Ray Stevenson was well cast as Frank Castle and I was glad they didn't tone down the violence. But on the other hand what was the point of the subplot with Julie Benz's widow character? It felt like a ham-fisted attempt to humanize Castle and just distracted from what should have been the the main thrust of the movie - the vendetta between Punisher & Jigsaw. As much as I enjoy Doug Hutchison as an actor his character of "Loony Bin Jim" was completely redundant; you already have a deranged villain in the shape of Jigsaw. LBJ just felt like padding to increase the run time of the movie.