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    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    Ok, so I have a question. Why did Troy (as Archer) kill the bald guy (Nick Cassavetes)? I mean it looked like he was intentionally trying to kill Gina Gershon and Adam but her brother jumped in the way at the last second. Why did he want them to die???
  2. katie_j

    Dark Tide

    Dark Tide with Halle Berry. What an awful, awful movie. Available on Netflix instant. A few of my observations? - Halle Berry can hold her breath for minutes, with no issues. - A wave can capsize anything - When losing a friend to a shark attack, it is fun to play a game on an Ipad in which you are a shark attacking people - I have no idea what Olivier Martinez is saying. Ever. - Needed WAY more deaths - Money can solve any fear/phobia - Who cares about safety when the guy is a dick - a character can change his whole demeanor in one day with little to no motivation Oh, and it is 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, so truly a winner.
  3. katie_j


    Please please please do Smiley. I just watched it and wow. There is so much wrong with this film! It needs to be discussed!
  4. katie_j

    Episode 32 — 88 Minutes

    So I saw a different version of this movie....don't ask me how. But here are a few things that went down: - the movie opened with shots of Kate Graham flying the kite and Al Pacino dancing to hip hop music in the bar. Yes, legendary Al Pacino gettin' down with the escort to hip hop music. An amazing piece of cinema. - there was no opening murder scene or the scene where Al testifies with the ridiculous prosecutor. My thinking is that they had the one asian girl bring the cookies to Al and then decided to open the movie with the twin's murder so they had to hire someone who looked similar so they could play twins. - The cab driver is rarely seen in the back seat of the cab. He just kind of disappeared and then is referenced later. - In the end Al does admit to coaching the twin in order to get the guilty verdict. But as he asks Molly Ringwald "what would you do"....and then walks away. I would have to watch the actual version to know what other differences there are, but I am not sure I want to subject my eyes to that.
  5. I honestly don't know where to begin with this movie. It was a confusing mess filled with talented actors. There were SO MANY loose ends that they movie could have easily been an hour longer, not that I wanted it to be. Please do this movie so maybe I can understand what the hell I just watched!
  6. katie_j

    Hollow Man

    Hollow Man with Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Shue. With Elizabeth Shue as a guest. Need I say anymore?
  7. katie_j

    Teeth (2007)

    I was hanging out with my roommate and her boyfriend and they were trying to pick out a movie before going to bed. I had them put in this movie. Best moment is when her boyfriend figured out what the movie was about. What can I say? I'm really good at setting the mood for couples. But yes, this would be perfect for the podcast.
  8. katie_j

    Torque (2004)

    Please please please do Torque with guest Adam Scott. Do it for your country.
  9. katie_j

    The Presence

    I don't even know where to being with this movie. I saw it on Redbox, thought it sounded interesting. Honestly, I think the description of the film had more thought put into it than the plot of this movie. How they got legit actors to be in this movie (Mira Sorvino as the 'the woman', Shane West as 'ghost', etc.) is beyond me. Here are a few of my own "what the fuck" moments: - no dialogue for the first 17 minutes! - no discernible plot - an ending that makes NO FUCKING SENSE - no explanation to ANYTHING that happens I could go on, but I am truly trying to forget the last 90 minutes of my life.