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  1. This is the best show, sorry Tom love to 'The Boys'
  2. Steinberg was the perfect guest. Great ep!
  3. takehomejoke

    Favorite story end?

    A fave is the one where Sean goes clubbing with Chappie - the second Jon Gabrus episode. "And then somebody introduces me to Chappie and we kind of know of each other, but we don't know each other...."
  4. Great ep, Great first hundo. I leave you with only this: β€œWhen the chips are down, bro, don’t you think you should just give it to β€˜em?”
  5. takehomejoke

    Episode 247 β€” Guy Ritchie's Back

    Hayes is the best guest on any podcast at any time. Loved his episodes of Trends with Benefits and Gilmore Guys, and obviously CBB.
  6. Looking forward to hearing the U2 story from Jimmy's perspective
  7. takehomejoke

    26 We Can't Dance Together

    Move it into the studio? This is already one of the best and most highly-produced podcasts I listen to. What would they gain moving into the earwolf studio? The production value is already super high for a podcast. It's all about Chad, baby. Wish the show the best of luck.
  8. I realize that Doom isn't actually on that track, but his production is insane
  9. I really liked Mm.. Food Guinnesses was my favorite song throughout college I think that's the Doom you're talking about, right?
  10. Mmm, New Jersey seems cool. NOT! Consider yourself zinged.
  11. Anyone ever have the feeling where they wish they could discover HH for the first time all over again? I would really like to experience it again - the transition from not knowing what this gd thing is, to sort of getting it, to loving it, to listening to every single episode. That was super fun. Needless to say, this is a great ep.
  12. Not sure what the dominant trait is here - smart funniness or funny smartness. Guys?
  13. The serial format is very becoming, Houston. I don't know if Tom would be up for doing it the whole show, but in some ways Gary the Squirrel would be the perfect guest for HH.
  14. Bozos joke ftw, amirite? rotfl I love youth culture