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  1. Meg Ryan lurches around the screen for 2 hours in this terrifyingly terrible "erotic thriller". There are hilarious "raunchy" sex scenes. Possibly a fake dick is fellated at one point. Apparently Nicole Kidman was supposed to play the Meg Ryan part... Kidman produced it... if Wikipedia is to be believed, this piece of crap movie took FIVE years of development by Kidman and Campion (director) to complete it.
    Mark Ruffallo and Kevin Bacon play weird creeps.........Jenifer Jason Leigh is beheaded!.................It's the most fucked up terrible movie ever.
    There is so much more than I can describe here....

  2. OMG.... I can't even describe how terrible/awesome this movie is. It's got it all. It's almost on par with The Room in terms of acting/production values/props/casting/nonsense.
    It's available only on Netflix as far as I can tell... it's filed under "steamy romance" but should really have been filed under "brilliant, hilarious disaster".