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  1. Here's a plugs theme submission! https://soundcloud.com/angela-doubleclick/when-its-time-for-plugs-the-doubleclicks Thanks so much!
  2. https://soundcloud.c...dreamingofplugs THANK YOU Engineer Brett and other engineers! :D
  3. Thanks for the details, Dustin! Here's our plugs theme - called "It's Time for Plugs" - pretty sure it hasn't made it on the show yet. It's a free download on Bandcamp: http://thedoubleclicks.bandcamp.com/track/its-time-for-plugs-comedy-bang-bang-plugs-theme-submission We're a band (The Doubleclicks) - and we can be found on thedoubleclicks.com.
  4. thedoubleclicks

    It's Time For Plugs!

    Thanks Victor! We hope they use it too!
  5. thedoubleclicks

    It's Time For Plugs!

    "It's Time For Plugs!" - The Doubleclicks http://thedoubleclicks.bandcamp.com/track/its-time-for-plugs-comedy-bang-bang-plugs-theme-submission