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  1. This is a very enjoyable movie. The Nazi imagery is so overt it makes George Lucas look subtle. And because the satire is so broad and crazy, it makes some of the very bad actors (like Van Dien and Richards) look like they're doing a thing instead of just being awful robots that can't act.

  2. If Kulap doesn't have a hour or so a week to record Twooch, then Kremer should find another co-host. He shouldn't have any trouble finding another person to read the charts for him. I like Kulap ok, but nearly 100 percent of the laughs come from Kremer, whooch guest, and Stard.


    I really hope the new format doesn't become whooch and plugs.




    I did this also, recording episodes of the original Muppet Show. I'd make my family watch the show in silence as I didn't want them to ruin my recordings. That I grew up to become a Location Sound Mixer... total coincidence. ;-)


    You made recordings of Battlestar Galactica? Great idea.


    Until this ep I really thought I was the only weirdo that did this. My grandpa bought me a mini-cassette recorder and I pretty much solely used it to record bits of Star Trek when they were on TV. I honestly could not tell you what the purpose of this act was, but I definitely got some kind of thrill out of it.

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    He used it to have a "cool" story for school and later interviews/podcasts. Doesn't need it now since he's famous, and, not coincidentally, has a standup special coming out.


    Also, every New Yorker's 9/11 story is at least 1% embellished. Possible everything he said was true except being in WTC building and working there.


    Except he's admitted the entire story is made up out of whole cloth. He wasn't there, his wife didn't work there, he didn't work for Merrill Lynch and didn't get a severance from them, he didn't see the 2nd plane hit from the street, etc., etc. I mean he went into heavy detail in that story and none of it actually happened. It's all really weird.


    I wouldn't be surprised if CC pulls his special, to be honest.

  5. The arguments on IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes over this are amazing. There are plenty of people saying it just wasn't funny or that it was hilarious and people just weren't getting it, but then there are the people arguing that Will Ferrell was really good and people just won't let him expand into serious roles.

  6. Again, I'm not saying it is a movie without problems. But I do not think it is one of the worst movies ever made. And I would maintain that there will never be a better live-action Popeye & Olive Oyl than Robin Williams & Shelley Duvall.


    And if you're making a Popeye movie, why wouldn't you end it with Popeye punching an octopus so hard it launches out of the water like a rocket?

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    If you remove that, what's left?


    I think there's plenty, really. She's really not *that* important to the story. Braff's catharsis about his guilt over his mother and his relationship with his father and with Sarsgaard, you don't really need Natalie for any of that. In keeping with her status as a MPDG, she basically has no effect on anyone else in the story, so she's essentially Braff's Tyler Durden.

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  8. I think the backlash against this film is a wee bit OTT, but it's probably because the initial praise for it was also OTT. Really, if you remove Natalie Portman's character and subsequent subplot out of the movie, it isn't a bad film. Peter Sarsgaard is pretty great, as is Jean Smart. Even Braff is solid.


    I do have beef with the fact that Jim Parsons isn't speaking actual Klingon. Braff couldn't pony up $14.95 for a Klingon Dictionary? OUTRAGEOUS!

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