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  1. I just recently rewatched this on TV, and I noticed a line I had missed before. When Pacino is Pacinoing so hard in that last monologue, he says, 'I've had so many children and so many disappointments'. So apparently he has been going around impregnating women left and right. But for some reason Keanu is still The One, as even he points out that Pacino 'must need [him] pretty bad'. So badly, that he does that time loop thing instead of finding one of his other kids. Oi.

  2. People do have some utterly bizarre theories about that movie, though I'm not sure it would really work for HDTGM, even as a 'this is crazy good!' episode.


    That being said, there's a movie that was just recently released called Room 237 that gets into all the nutty ideas people have about what Kubrick was supposedly saying with The Shining. I think because Kubrick liked to leave a lot of things up to interpretation his films seem to invite a lot of bonkers speculating about hidden messages and so on.

  3. Yeah, I mean most of the deaths weren't that mysterious but there were a lot of them. Jo Beth Williams talked about the skeleton thing in an interview, she said all the skeletons in the pool scene were real because real skeletons were cheaper to buy than fake ones.

  4. If you're coming in from the 1st one (or even the 2nd one) this movie is especially bizarre. The previous two movies were all about the family sticking together and drawing strength from each other, then in this movie the parents suddenly abandon their daughter? To her aunt who apparently detests her? Speaking of which, Nancy Allen is 100% unlikable this. And I can't believe I'm discussing the motivations of a ghost, but those didn't make any sense, either. In the first two he wants Carol Anne so he can control other ghosts, and then in this one he just wants to walk into the light. There's even a part where the aunt & uncle ask the ghost what he wants, and he says 'You!', which isn't true because he wants Carol Anne. It's a real mess.

  5. This was a good episode. It should have been GREAT. But this Pete Holmes guy - whom I've never heard of and will actively avoid in the future - did his absolute best to ruin it. His incredibly grating, shrill voice and laughter cut through me like a knife. And he talks over everyone else, which is the worst part of it all. There was at least one instance where Paul's voice sounded completely exasperated with him.


    If he ever does a director's cut of HDTGM?, I hope Paul pulls a George Lucas on this episode and cuts Holmes out completely.


    The episode wouldn't have been nearly as good without Holmes and Zouks dueling Pacino impressions.

  6. There are many fundamentally bizarre decisions in this movie that had nothing to do with Heather O'Rourke's death. It's not hard to guess why none of the original cast (sans O'Rourke and Zelda Rubenstein) came back. Some seriously messed up story decisions.

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