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  1. syates59

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    Hey Paul, I think I know why you kept calling actor/activist Ron Silver by the name "Ron SIlva". Were you confusing him with another actor/activist who frequently plays the bad guy? I'm thinking of actor/activist Henry Silva. There is a slight resemblance. Perhaps there was a time travel snafu and actor/activist Henry Silva, ended up in the same timeline as actor/activist Ron Silver. I understand that the two actor/activists did meet, but never touched! Coincidence? I think not.
  2. syates59


    I have to thank DVK and the Mirror Men for the wonderful shout-out. I know it sounds like a child getting excited about seeing his name in the paper, but I'm such a fan that hearing my name makes me feel like I'm part of my favorite show. Ran and Jay are so nice. My son still has his picture with the Wonder Twins on his wall, his proudest possession. DVK is just as sweet and the three of them make me laugh consistently. Gondelman was so funny. I laughed out loud several times during this ep. Long live Sklarbro County and Country!
  3. As a loyal citizen of both Sklarbro County and Country, I believe I note the lack of new Regal Cinema episodes of The Trailer featuring our beloved Sklar Buddies. If you are like me and can't get enough of Ran and Jay, please tweet at the good folks at Regal (@RegalMovies) and respectfully request more of the @SklarBrothers. And please ask your followers to RT. If we get the word out, maybe Regal will respond. Thanks! (I am not employed by the Sklar Brothers in any capacity. I am just a fan who wants to see them do well...in spite of the fact that their Cardinals hacked into the computer database of my beloved Astros, no doubt causing them to spiral downward and miss the playoffs. As if the Cards haven't won enough. Let's not share the wealth. Oh, no! Wait, where was I? Oh yes. Let's help the Sklars. Whatevs.)
  4. syates59

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    I feel selfishly sad to see PB end. I remember hearing about the new science-comedy podcast from the Sklar Brothers on their podcast. I listened to the first episode and knew I had found another piece in the puzzle of my life. I fell in love with Tig, Kyle, David and Aaron. I dreamed of being in the hatch with them. They may not think of themselves as being the hip, cool, popular kids, but they are! When I heard them solicit listeners to become guests if they had some scientific expertise, I jumped at the chance and sent off an email with fingers crossed. David read one of my tweets on the show and made me feel like I was like a kid reading his name in the paper! Then I got an email that they wanted to have me on as a guest! Even though it was by phone from far-off Connecticut, I felt how sweet and welcoming they all were to me, even as I silently waited on hold. They made me feel like I was an old friend. It was a true high point! And lo and behold, they asked me back. This time was different. As I waited on hold, I heard them talking about Tig and a diagnosis and then I heard them mention cancer. I held back tears as I am holding them back as I write this. To then try to put that aside and talk about autism and global warming for two hours was pretty tough, but they held my hand (over the phone) and got me through it. I prayed for Tig like I would pray for my sister and I still do. I had the pleasure of seeing two live PB shows in NYC with Megan, Samuel and many other Blastronauts, who were so nice. I even signed an autograph! My first ever! When I took a little flak for my global warming comments, David, Tig and Kyle leapt to my defense. They were so nice to me each time I saw them, however briefly, at the merch table. My daughter and I caught Kyle at the Comedy Cellar and he invited us for drinks. And we saw David at the Creek and the Cave and got to talk to him and get pictures. I saw Kyle and Tig in Ridgefield, CT and got a moment with Tig. My point is that these talented, busy, wonderful people have been as nice to me as I could possibly wish. And I am grateful. In March, my family was in California for vacation and David tried to set up a fourth appearance for me, this time in the hatch! It didn't work out, but I appreciated his efforts. So, I guess I can't say I was short-changed by PB. I do look forward to seeing where they go from here. And I hope I can see them all again for a hug. It's an odd one-way relationship being a podcast listener. We learn so much about the podcasters that we feel close to them, even though they may not know us at all. But somehow Tig, Kyle, David and Aaron made me feel a part of something unique, fun and very special. Thanks a million to them and to my fellow blastronauts for all the laughs and memories. Welp, that's been comment.
  5. syates59

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    Guys, guys, he's really just interested in "healing". Keep that in mind. And if the person he's healing just happens to be a "piece of ass" that needs to "get laid", that's just icing on the poop-cake.
  6. syates59

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    Wow. I love this comment thread! The ego on this guy (Ross) is astounding. My personal BS meter is triggered by people who communicate using trite saying, acronyms, and slogans. Also by people who can't make a simple point, but constantly allude to some greater knowledge that they have, that they will someday share with you. "Getting laid" is a pretty sad goal for one's life. I would have asked Ross if he has had any STDs. And how many women he has "conquered" who no longer talk to him. Sociopath, user, loser. Those words leap to mind. I wonder if guys like him tend to become hypnotists. That smooth psycho-babble and mastery of vague language to persuade weak-willed folks to do their bidding must come in handy. I dated a girl in college who had a poor self-image. I actually broke up with her because I felt I was taking advantage of her. She participated in a "comedy hypnotism" show and became a regular "stop" on the hypnotists concert circuit. I assume he had a girl in every town that he would "lay" as he traveled the country. What an emotionally fulfilling life. It was a unique PBO episode. Interesting to hear Tig, Kyle and David talk to someone they so obviously didn't agree with on any level. I'd love to hear them talk about this experience. Welp, that's been comment.
  7. syates59

    Episode 193 — The Busy Mind

    Kyle is so funny, alone or with friends! Loved the mother meditation. Love hearing Olive being so "obedient". Maybe Olive is just acting!
  8. syates59

    Episode 236.5 — Sklarbro County 141

    Thanks to Daniel, Randy and Jason for the nice shout-out! I love the Country and the County and it's great fun to contribute! Love you guys!
  9. syates59

    Episode 190 — Tig's Love Life Update

    What a delight to hear two such lovely people sounding so happy and in love. God bless Tig and Stephanie! May they have many happy years together!! It may have been the first PBO episode, Tig introduced Kyle as "her lover" and, not knowing anything about either of them, I took it to be true. Gradually, I became aware that Tig was gay and now to hear the great news about her engagement, I feel I have come full circle. I've said it before, but Tig, Kyle and David are such genuine, sweet, honest, funny people, they just draw us listeners into the circle of friendship. It is a wonderful thing to be invited into each week.
  10. syates59

    Episode 227 — Bubblegum Currency

    One more thing. I loved the great Steely Dan discussion. I am a HUGE SD fan having seen them live over a dozen times. Brendon's Kid Charlemagne licks and Randy's rattling off the names of their albums made me wish (once again) that I was a fly on the wall of the studio.
  11. syates59

    Episode 227 — Bubblegum Currency

    Brendon Small is such a talented guy! He mixes so well with the Mirror Men! Thanks to Ran and Jay for the shout out! I WILL be at the Mamaroneck, NY show in March with my son! (See the forum thread about his Cheap Seats tribute video on YouTube.) Let's pack the Emelin Theater with Sklarbro Nation!!!! James Adomian is so funny. I could listen to Jesse the Body all day long! #documents
  12. syates59

    For Cheap Seats Fans Only!

    My son made this Cheap Seats Cheap Reenactment Reenactment. Cheap Seats featured a number of spelling bee episodes. One of those episodes featured a surly exchange between a contestant and the pronouncer. Ran and Jay re-created that moment in a Cheap Seats Cheap Reenactment. My son Alex re-created THAT moment in this Cheap Seats Cheap Reenactment Reenactment. Enjoy. www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVOvp-MM19k&list=UU1KYXW8pg0l4FW9H3WUnWlA
  13. syates59

    Episode 178 — Books

    I am having trouble downloading PBO and Sklarbro! I think earwolf has some kind of tech problem.
  14. I saw Kyle and Tig last night in Ridgefield, CT and they crushed!!! Kyle opened and did a half hour of great stuff, much of which I had not heard in the three times I've seen him perform before. Great interaction with the audience. He is a very strong stage performer. Left everyone wanting more!! Then Tig came on and did an hour. I had not heard any of this material before, except a few "seeds" from PBO episodes. She is such a unique talent. Totally in control. Her pacing and personality just totally captivates. Lots of crown interaction. Had a chance to chat with her very briefly at the merch table and get a picture. What a doll! As sweet as can be. I strongly recommend that all Blastronauts see these guys if the opportunity presents itself. You will not be sorry! Four stars!!!!
  15. syates59

    Episode 174 — Development

    Thanks to agata for resolving the download problem. My level of panic at not getting my PBO "fix" on time was incredible! Got my ticket to see Tig and Kyle at the Ridgefield Playhouse on 9/29! Any other blastronauts going to be there?