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    So, did you watch Trespass? Cause I did!

    I didn't think it was as bat-shit insane as other films the gang endured. The problem here was that they needlessly tried to connect everything and failed. Oh and the other problem was that the writers seemed to not know where they wanted to story to go. I think they tried to make "plot twists" but the twists weren't strong enough to warrant the effort. This was not Ridiculous Cage, this was Nicholas wants an easy check Cage. That's just a waste of Cage if you ask me.
  2. simpler approach to t-shirt design
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    Episode 27.5 — Minisode 27.5

    slight revision [attachment=12882,354]
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    Episode 27.5 — Minisode 27.5

    Wow, Biker Boys and Jonah Hex. That's a soiled I mean solid resume. also, here's a poster. [attachment=12778,351]
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    Episode 21.5 — Minisode 21.5

    Is there a heaven for a leprechaun? [attachment=9829,225]