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  1. matthewcohen

    Episode 323 — Pie Quiz with Tears for Fears

    What is up with Scotts love of the 1992 Whoppie Goldberg vehicle "Sister Act"? I feel like he mentions it regularly. Please, someone geekier than me make some sort of chart reflecting this.
  2. matthewcohen

    Episode 82 — Kotter Talk

    I loved blackie green, but blaine as a DM is like phantom menace George lucas. The plot is aimless, the villains toothless, and he's much more focused on a cheap laugh. sorry that was unnecessary. Kill the orcs! Destroy the orcs!
  3. matthewcohen

    Episode 77 — Into the Woods

    Love you guys. make it interesting. These last couple of episodes have taken me 3-4 drives to get through, and im listening out of loyalty, really. There's no incentive for the characters to take any risk, so Brian just takes unnecessary risks. Like the passing Willie nelson tour bus/carriage; it seemed like blaine meant something interesting there, but the characters were unwilling to jump at it. Hug and Lyra actually said they were trying to "stay out" of the fight this episode. I mean, in the context of the character alignment i guess that's true to character, but they already spent a night running and hiding from an angry mob. Hug has popped zero "illoo-zee-onz" since their run started. Is that part of his character?
  4. matthewcohen

    Episode 280 — DuALity

    you're hosting style is like a psychological test that no one is administering but you're taking -- fucking genius
  5. matthewcohen

    Dating tips by *Trondor*

    When running from the rat people, be sure to run in front of her so she can see your mighty haunches! Ha ha!
  6. matthewcohen

    Dating tips by *Trondor*

    Impress her with your warrior strength! When enemies are near, write her a love letter - with your great axe! Ha ha!
  7. matthewcohen

    Dating tips by *Trondor*

    Ha-Ha! When the object of your desire is near, imitate her every move. Its called "modeling." All the cool dwarf pick-up artists do it.
  8. matthewcohen

    Episode 58 — Change of Scenery

    Giving your character a drinking problem is so fricking awesome and hilarious.
  9. matthewcohen

    Episode 58 — Change of Scenery

  10. matthewcohen

    Episode 44 — Limp Butt

    I love u guys, and I know youR banter is part of the show.....just the banter is not the best part of the show.
  11. matthewcohen

    Other Celebrity Players?

    yes! or just cross-earwolf tie-ins. Could be Scott aukerman!
  12. matthewcohen

    Episode 206 — Live from SXSW 2013

    Well, I figured it was more responsible then just saying his only schtick is to ruin everyone else's.
  13. matthewcohen

    Episode 206 — Live from SXSW 2013

    Tim Heidecker is to funny what finding out your date is a tranny is to sexy. first its hot, then it's uncomfortable, then it's just obviously a person with some self love issues.
  14. matthewcohen

    Episode 201 — End Scene

    The scene in the papal garden was the funniest damn thing ive heard in a while.
  15. matthewcohen

    Episode 7 — Follow the Whispers

    relative to how little you guys accomplish in an hour, i love this show an inordinate amount.