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    EPISODE 118 - Furious 7: LIVE

    Well, you guys are totally racist. Han is Korean American. He didn't move to Tokyo because he's from there, he just did it because he felt like it (also to justify his presence in Tokyo Drift). A brief history on the character "Han." The actor, Sung Kang, appeared in one of Justin Lin's first movies Better Luck Tomorrow as a character named "Han." So when Justin Lin took over the F&F franchise with Tokyo Drift, he put him in the movie. At the end of Tokyo Drift, Vin Diesel shows up and says he knew Han. Fun side note, apparently Vin Diesel would only agree to cameo in Tokyo Drift if Universal would give the rights to the Riddick franchise. They did, which is how Diesel was able to basically self produce the most recent Riddick movie. Anyways, when Diesel ended up coming back for F&F4 they decided they had to explain how he knew Han, so they through in an opening sequence where Dom had a new hijacking crew with Letty and Han in the Dominican Republic. At the end of this sequence Han makes a comment about going to Japan and then disappears from the rest of the movie, arguably closing that loophole. However, after F&F4 was a huge hit, they went on to make more and I guess they decided they couldn't really explain Vin going to Tokyo randomly during these movies to sync up his appearance in Tokyo Drift. Also, since Lin directed 3, 4, 5 & 6, it makes sense he'd bring back Han for all of those movies since they'd worked together so much. In F&F6 they have him and Gisele talk about moving to Japan to give Han a reason to move there at the end of the movie. Also, they needed to kill Gisele to explain why she wasn't with Han in Tokyo Drift. But again, Han is not Japanese or of Japanese descent. Kang was born in America and is of Korean descent. He did not move to Japan because he was Japanese.
  2. rhys

    Stolen (2012)

    If you guys are looking for an entertaining, crazy nonsense movie starring Nicholas Cage - Stolen is definitely a good choice. It is also a good choice because it is currently streaming on Netflix. This is definitely the type of bad movie that can be fun to watch because of all the bizarre stuff in the movie and the fact that the movie thinks it is clever. One of the craziest things about this movie is that Nicholas Cage isn't even the most over the top actor in this movie, it is Josh Lucas who goes completely over the top. Seriously, Josh Lucas looks like a pirate in this movie. It's pretty insane.
  3. I am amazed that no one has pointed this out: the schedule shows an inmate named Scott Peterson - but Scott Peterson didn't kill his wife until 2002. So this movie predicted Scott Peterson would be a murderer 9 years in advance. Also, definitely agree that cryo-jail doesn't seem like a punishment (aside from being awake the whole time, which apparently they didn't know about). I'd love to be able to freeze myself and wake up in the future without having aged.
  4. rhys

    Episode 64 — After Earth

    There's a couple of stupid plot points that I thought should be cleared up (not that they really matter). The opening sequence says humans evacuated earth 1000 years ago. When they got to the new planet some "aliens" dropped the "ursas" on the planet - which were specifically designed to kill humans. Bizarrely the aliens are never really mentioned or explained - or even given a name. Then apparently the humans were helpless until Cypher Raige - the "original ghost" - developed his ghosting technique. Of course this makes no sense. Were the ursas dropped on the planet a thousand years ago? How long ago then? If Cypher was the first to develop ghosting, wouldn't the humans have been wiped out long before he was born? If the ursas were designed, why don't they have eyes and why didn't the aliens just re-design them to compensate for the ghosting technique? Also, why would the plants and animals be designed to kill humans if humans left the planet 1000 years ago? It would make no sense. Anyways, just a few of the many things that made no sense about this film.
  5. The asian guy on Shaw's team with the martial arts skills is in The Raid: Redemption. He's not the main guy, but the slightly older cop with the mustache who has the first major hand-to-hand fight with the main bad guy. You guys touched on it a little bit, but Tokyo Drift was not originally set in the future. At the time, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel didn't want to do another Fast & Furious movie because they thought they were going to be big stars in other movies (Vin had dropped out of the franchise before 2 Fast, 2 Furious; which was the reason Tyrese was brought in for that movie), so they did a spin-off movie and Justin Lin directed it. So Lin has actually directed four F&F movies. Tokyo Drift and the last three regular F&F movies. Prior to F&F4, the F&F movies did OK, but nothing crazy, so I doubt Walker and Diesel were getting offered much for their roles. Lin brought in Han (Sung Kang) who had actually been in an earlier Lin film, and then Han dies in Tokyo Drift (that post-credit sequence was the scene of Han's death taken from Tokyo Drift.) *Spoiler Alert* At the end of Tokyo Drift, Vin Diesel does a cameo by showing up in the last race with Lucas Black, after Han's death, and says he was good friends with Han. But there was nothing to suggest that Tokyo Drift took place many years in the future. It was kind of just a last ditch effort to save the franchise. Tokyo Drift didn't actually do that well, so it was unclear whether there would ever be another F&F movie anyways and weren't really setting anything up for the future. However, Walker and Diesel both failed in their big time movie careers so they were willing to come back for F&F4. It's unclear why, but Michelle Rodriguez is barely in F&F4. She's briefly in the beginning and then she "dies" off-screen and it's only referenced in flashbacks. The opening scenes also involve a job with Dom and his new team, which includes Han - but Han has only a very brief part too, before Dom heads back to LA to find out who killed Lettie. At the time, it just seemed like a token reference to Han to include Tokyo Drift in the F&F timeline. However, as a result of the success of F&F4 (which was kind of a surprise), Lin set up this whole prequel thing where the last three movies somehow took place before Tokyo Drift I was pretty certain Giselle would die (and that she will remain dead) because they had to manipulate Han's story to justify why he was alone in Tokyo for the plot of Tokyo Drift. It wouldn't make sense if Giselle was still alive since Han would be with her and they would be together in Tokyo, but she's not in the movie Tokyo Drift. So I figured they'd kill her to make Tokyo Drift make sense and then fit in the post-credit sequence with the Tokyo Drift scene.
  6. rhys

    Episode 48 — Sleepaway Camp

    I was so confused by the relationships at the end I had to look on Wikipedia also. I then remembered some throw away line about Aunt Martha and Ricky in the opening scene so I rewatched it. At about minute 4, the dude on the beach says that they need to come in from the water because the doc will be there soon. Then the little girl says "Aunt Martha is coming? Is Ricky coming?" and then the dad says "No, Ricky is spending the weekend with his dad." So it appears that Aunt Martha just happened to be crazy and then for some reason "Angela" is sent to live with her, with no reference to Angela's mom. I didn't know anything about the movie before watching it and I thought it was blatantly obvious from the beginning that Angela was the killer. It crossed my mind that the reason Ricky kept flipping out was to try to make it look like he was the killer, but every time he yelled he just sounded whiny and lame so I never thought it could be him. What cracks me up is that I don't see why it matters whether Angela was killing people as a girl or as a guy. The only reason for the twist is to imply that being raised as a girl turned her into a psychotic killer. Also, I think it is fairly clear that the last shot is a real guy wearing an Angela mask. The physique of the person is totally different from Angela's physique. That is not a 13 year old girl with a prosthetic penis.