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  1. I was really looking forward to listening to this podcast, I understand the approach the host took and thought, this might be different, to at least understand what this dude's mindset was. Boy was I wrong, instead it's very clear the host has a crush on Martin, podcast felt more like a unintended rom-com than anything else. I didn't make it to the end, how could any of us, but why weren't the questions vetted at least? I honestly do not understand, what were meant to take from this episode, the host crapped her pants one time and Martin's mom isn't too keen on other races? Great, so we're all wonderfully terribly human sometimes...what about EVERYTHING else that could have possibly come to light? Who actually cares how easy it is for Martin to bed women, what about the WU-Tang album, another year has gone by and I still havent heard the fu*king thing.


    It appears that with the Shkreli episode, Kahnweiler has accomplished what she set out to accomplish with "Schmucks." No further episodes appear to be forthcoming.

  2. Are they doing characters?

    Yes, and all the forum regulars are doing characters too.

    Is it supposed to be funny?


    Is there a particular episode that is great, or that I should start with?

    Some of my favorite bits are "Teen Pope" with Brian Huskey (episode #14), Erin Whitehead's documentary about Monsanto and Murder She Wrote (#89), the "We Are Your Friends" Teaser Freezer (#97), the "Who Charted"-style countdown with Kulap of the top 5 Earwolf podcasts that haven't invited Sean & Hayes (#113), and those are just the ones that come to mind right now. I started listening after Sean and Hayes's first Comedy Bang Bang appearance and now it's my absolute favorite.


    If you still don't like it after listening some more, you'll need to listen to all the past "Ehh...Wrong!" segments so you can understand how wrong you are.

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  3. I can't do just one:


    Bob Ducca, Todd and Lennon Parham as Gloria, OR


    Classic Suicide House lineup of Cyber Thug, Miles Archer, Bueford, Messmore, Ghost Boy and Maxmillian Blanc, OR


    Classic Enigma Force Five lineup of Jesse Ventura, Huell Howser and Ice T, OR


    El Chupacabra and Jon Hamm, OR


    Marissa Wompler, Miss Listler and one or more supporting characters from the Womplerverse, with possibly someone new playing Diane and/or Rodney, OR


    Jason Mantzoukas, and Andy Daly as anybody.

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