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  1. Can't WAIT to listen to this. The musician episodes are my favorites. I do a live music influenced improv podcast BECAUSE of how great i find the I4H musical episodes, the wonderful marriage of the live music and comedy. However sometimes it can be maddening in that the most prolific and imaginative songwriters are horrible interviews. Its incredibly difficult getting them to go beyond one word or two word answers. Any improvisers have experience with this?/.
  2. Went searching for this for "Raiders". Hadn't heard it in forever and forgot about all the other good cologne stuff.
  3. Corky Kneivel

    Episode 230 - The Green Crew

    This isn't a negative, I swear, but this episode was more off the rails than on any rails at all. I loved it - they kept upping the ante with the crainess.
  4. Corky Kneivel

    Episode 1 - Ron Paul's Baby

    Love this. Love Chris's bugged out ideas like the hitch-hiking thing.
  5. Corky Kneivel

    Episode 224 - Cheeseball

    Did you not like the "Greatest Generation Grandpa" scene?
  6. So awesome. I loved how many scenes they had. Every body starting scenes and no lulls. The Guy Fieri scene is an instant classic.
  7. These are great, please keep them coming.
  8. There's surely been a TOP 10 BEST EVER list compiled, right? Right now I would say my vote for best scene ever would be "I'm Just Doin My Thing" scene with Besser, Gemberling, Parham, WENGERT! - not sure of the episode number its one of those VPN episodes. I've watched the scene a ton of times its pretty much perfect and ramps nice and steadily towards the ending. I love Besser just throwing more and more stuff at him.
  9. Corky Kneivel

    Guest suggestions

    Signor Benedick the Moor Punk Infused Hip-Hop Had him on our show and he's super fucking talented, super sharp lyrically and is honestly just a really nice kid. His newest release made Nerdist's Underground release of 2016 (so far)
  10. Holy shit that band is great. Hadn't heard them before and they sound great. I love the musical episodes.
  11. One of the all time best scenes: the E-Harmony Pancake Breakfast They have like 4 games going at once in that and I love how the ridiculousness builds and builds.
  12. I thought it was fine. Some people, even immigrants during holidays, can give an interview that can be made fun of. Loved this whole episode.
  13. Corky Kneivel

    Episode 224 - Cheeseball

    I had never heard of that guy Anthony Anne-tanaiuk before but he was great. The whole episode was on full weird mode and I loved it. It also seemed like Matt Besser was kinda taking a back seat and letting them go crazy
  14. Corky Kneivel

    Episode 224 - Cheeseball

    Gemberling is one of the best improvisers on this show. He is unflappable. I love how he justifies everything and is never boring even when not the most unusual character in the scene. I haven't heard this one yet but he and Ozeri were so great in that one episode a while back (with Sean Conroy) with the grandpa telling his war stories - I can't wait to hear this one.
  15. Love LOVE LOVE Dan Deacon being on the show. ((along with the fantastic improv))
  16. Corky Kneivel

    EPISODE 193 — Into the Thunderdome

    Yeah I'm way more offended by Matt's music and movie choices than his Tebow bashing or his defense of people not having to censor themselves. I mean really...him calling X-Men 3 the best superhero movie is Case Closed worthy.
  17. Actually that's kinda why you should stop. Take it to the stage, sucka.
  18. Dammit I love I4H. Woods and Roberts are always fantastic
  19. WENGERT!! ™©® (when you speak em, you speak em well)
  20. stole my reply. besides you don't say it right, its pronounced WENGERT!!™
  21. Corky Kneivel

    EPISODE 180 — #RaceTogether

    3 of my I4H faves, can't wait to listen
  22. YUP fucking bonkers the whole show. Drunk Walsh is a wild card