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  1. TexasKevin

    Hudson Hawk

    This would be a good one. I secretly loved it as a kid, but it's absurd.
  2. TexasKevin

    Two movie suggestions

    I loved Killer Klowns. The Chiodo brothers made that as thier calling card and its made them a big deal in special effects. I learned a few months back they are working on a sequel to Killer Klowns now. Pretty awesome!
  3. TexasKevin

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Paul, or anyone I guess. In an episode you mentioned a radio show called "The Business". I started listening and it's pretty great. Any other shows you recommend for people interested in the business of movies. Thanks!
  4. TexasKevin

    Devil (2010)

    I do wonder how this one got made. It feels like someone read Save the Cat and said, "Wow screenwriting is really easy, I follow this formula and do not deviate from it at all and it will come out perfect."
  5. TexasKevin


    I searched and didn't get any results, so I hope it's not in here already. Gone, with Amanda Seyfried. Awful and ridiculous. When you get to the end of the movie if you look at all the stuff that got her to that point, it's insane that the guy could have expected all these random situations to get her to there. Not to mention a lot of the whole movie was just silly, acting, dialogue, etc.
  6. TexasKevin


    I know it's winning awards, but this thing was painfully awful to me. The first 8-9 min where there is the big symphony music over slow motion stuff. Wanted to dice wrists. The whole thing looks like it's shot straight handheld, no steadi-cam. So most of the film the camera is flying all over and your looking at back of heads and waists, and as people move shots of whatever happened to be in the background. Sometimes the camera was bouncing around so much I was getting motion sick. So the story. Yeah I have no clue what this is about. It seemed basically to be just watching the most boring wedding party ever. Some of it the dialogue is weird, I guess no one wanted to tell Lars that people that speak english wouldn't say something in the ways he chose. To be quite honest maybe it gets better, but an hour and twenty minutes in I still didn't know what it was about and I was so bored I couldn't stand it and I left.
  7. TexasKevin

    From Paris with Love (2010)

    Parts of it were non-sensical, much of it ridiculous. Big budget, star cast. Seems like a good candidate.
  8. TexasKevin

    Four Christmases (2008)

    My cousin said she died laughing watching this. I lost all respect for her after that and had to de-friend her on Facebook.
  9. TexasKevin

    Reindeer Games

    Yes Please! How did that get made?
  10. I could get behind When in Rome, I get that the plot is fantasy, but some of it was just nonsensical.
  11. TexasKevin


    Hope this isn't a repost (I searched first). Trollhunter was brilliant, lots to be made fun of. Trailer -
  12. TexasKevin

    Hobo with a Shotgun

    I could get behind this. His yearning for a lawnmower and daydreaming about mowing a lawn was my favorite WTF moment.
  13. TexasKevin

    Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

    I just watched this tonight. Holy Balls! I need to hear this film reviewed. If you look at the trailer for this guys other movie, the romance part is really similar. I have every belief he inteded this to be serious, but when it came out so bad he just made lemonade. I think this is my new favorite best worst movie. Bad writing (dialogue), bad acting, bad cinematography, bad effects, bad score. I like how the first 45 minutes in no way drives the story. I like how the audio fluctuates a lot, and the artistic decision they made at some points to just have no audio at all. All the random scenes like the 5 minute montage of the protagonist driving to work. Oh, hell there is so much in this film to make fun of, could be a 3-4 hour episode.