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    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    I loved this episode. It probably wasn't too accessible to the casual CBB fan, but I was really enjoying all the callbacks to the previous episodes with this pairing and weaving in new bits but somehow keeping it all coherent. It illustrates just how much and how varied the characters (from one person) on this show can get and grow over time. It grows so vast, as if it were possible if Ice T, John C Reilly, Dame Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber, and Cake-boss tried to do some sort of movie project together. Please keep this stuff up guys, the energy and storytelling just continues to be fun and why I keep listening every week.
  2. ramblin03

    Episode 8 — The Survivors

    Another fun episode. Even with the loss of Ell Ryan, I still enjoy the group dynamics and the suggestion that they are out to get in some major trouble soon. I don't know a great deal about the mechanics of D&D, but since I am pulling for our heroes to continue this journey I'd like to make the suggestion that you incorporate the classic movie training montage and gain some levels. The collectors seem like tough enemies, you've gotta admire the bravery/stupidity of our group, but how about some preparation? At the very least, go back to the dick with the twelve-pack abs and tell him of your intention, maybe he can provide you with some mystical weapons or devices that can aid the infiltration? Looking forward to it.
  3. ramblin03

    Episode 56 — Twins

    I LOVED the bit about "you might be knitting" Everyone just kept the lines rolling and by the end of it I was just dying. You could certainly tell that the Sklars and the hatch crew were friends/peers that knew each other and could riff really well.
  4. ramblin03

    Episode 50 — Gravity

    PLEASE, PLEASE everyone read this again and refer to it as you move through life. The words answer different questions. Theist or Atheist answers the question, "do you believe in one or more gods, or in the lack of gods?" Gnostic and agnostic answers the question "do you know that X is true, or is it unknown, or perhaps not even possible to know?" As SUH stated, think of it as quadrants: Gnostic Theist - believes that god or gods exist and knows it to be the case Agnostic Theist - believes that god or gods exist, but it is either unknown, or even unknowable if this is the case Agnostic Atheist - believes that no gods exist, but it is either unknown, or even unknowable if this is the case Gnostic Atheist - believes that no gods exist and knows it to be the case you should be using two words to describe your own system of beliefs. "agnostic" is not enough to clarify, because as SUH stated, it does not suppose either a default of theism or atheism. I realize this is one corner of one forum on one corner of the internet, but if anyone has gained a bit of insight, I sincerely hope that it will help to clarify, at the very least so that people can accurate describe their own positions in the future.
  5. ramblin03

    Episode 66 — Get Up On This

    what is the song played for Jensen's intro? thanks.
  6. ramblin03

    Episode 135 — Scavenge and the Wisemen

    Really loved the opening bit with Paul and Scott saying the same thing and then Paul describing in detail what he was doing, for some reason that had me bowled over. I also concur that working in the "Bakin a plain cake" theme was perfect. The only thing missing from this episode was Ice-T debuting a product or Dame-Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber.
  7. ramblin03

    Episode 97 — Santa Anas!

    No personal insults, I did not finish this episode. I left it sitting at 35 minutes remaining on my ipod and no need to go back, [DELETED].
  8. I'm a new listener to Totally Laime after the earwolf challenge and Elizabeth was on JJGo. I really like the podcast and have gone into some of the back episodes (pre-earwolf) as well as keeping current. The rapidfire is a great game, but Oprah really doesn't work for me. It's almost always a lull or low point of the episode. You've been doing this podcast for a while now and some random person isn't going to govern which bits you do, but it can't hurt to give well intentioned feedback. * The steup is long compared to the actual payoff of the bit. On Comedy Bang Bang, some of the themes are long but that is part of the bit, and the game is fun and goes on for 5-10 minutes. Having the Oprah song and the selection of a random number and the reading of the synopsis all drags along and ultimately the payoff can really hit or miss. This can be especially painful when the number the guest chooses for some reason doesn't work out. * Often the guests don't know what the bit is. This is the fundamental issue, and perhaps shows that I just don't know what the bit is supposed to be either. Ep 89 Ken Marino - After 2 minutes of setup. "Ken, what are your thoughts on that?" Ken: What are my thoughts !? I'm against it." Ken plays it off well, but still, what was the point of the bit? To put someone in headlights and hope they have a funny one-liner? * Why Oprah, and why random? Wouldn't it work just as well to clue the guest in before recording, or to have a pre-selected synopsis that is sure to drive conversation? That way you avoid the potential traps of horrible comedy starters. Again, this is not meant to be harsh. Perhaps I am in a small minority when it comes to this segment of the show. What I enjoy about your podcast (and believe me, I enjoy most of it) is the largely organic interaction with the guest, and the amusing stories and interplays of the guest with Elizabeth, Andy, and the two of you with each other. I have to believe that this strength is what won you the challenge and has grown your listenership. There is no need to add a self-imposed disruption for the sake of playing the Oprah game. Or at the very least, re-tool it to make it more guest AND listener friendly.