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  1. TennaD

    Episode 84.5 — Minisode 84.5

    Submitting my little contribution to the Second Opinions theme pile. This is a special one I hope everyone will enjoy, especially Jason.
  2. TennaD

    Episode 18 — Gigli

    So maybe this isn't the place for it, buuuut I snapped a picture of something while out and about that reminded me of you all. Just in time for the holiday! [attachment=10888,280]
  3. Amazing. Ugh-Mazing. You're my favorite podcast. Julia, how can someone even BEGIN to chose a favorite scene? It's all glorious. The flower shop, the conversations between Lisa and her mother, the weird entrances and exits in scenes, the line delivery...You really have to let the entire film wash over you. Just soak it all in.
  4. TennaD

    Episode 22.5 — Minisode 22.5

    Ah! So excited for this episode. The conga line of humiliation for Wiseau does not end with this movie, either. The guy has a YouTube channel...reviewing(?) video games. It's mind-boggling to witness, possibly more so than The Room. At this point I have to wonder if he's either lacking in all self-awareness or some kind of long-con performance artist.