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  1. mattman92ish

    Episode 460 - Persons of Interest

    Oh man this is already a classic in my heart! Perfect ep! Love me a laughing Tarver.
  2. mattman92ish

    Episode 267 - Magic Quilt Party

    Absolutely nothing better than Gil Ozeri sternly saying "Go to another hospital..." Great ep! love gemberlickinggg always
  3. I'm officially a dead person they did the turtle thing from master of disguise hahaha jesus fucking christ A+ "they ate the man who was inside" perfect
  4. I fucking love this podcast
  5. mattman92ish

    Episode 456 - The Historic Rap

    I neeeed Jason to become a stoner for at least half an episode. Love this 3! Poon.
  6. I love me some floor crumbs and cool ranch doritos NO MORE FISH
  7. This is definitely best of material. Love me a wild horses ep. Mary holland is gnar!
  8. JUUUUUNE is really the best! This episode had me dying! I bet being there live was insane!
  9. what a fantastic fucking episode! and oh god Mordecai confusion killed me so good
  10. mattman92ish

    Episode 451 - Wishing with The Grawlix

    Fucking love Willie. Great ep! ITS BEEEN A WHYYYYLLLEE
  11. mattman92ish

    Episode 449 - Nasty Lyrics

    We made em scraaatch
  12. mattman92ish

    Episode 260 - Live from DCM Pt. 2

    chad carter can do no wrong
  13. mattman92ish

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

  14. Eric starting with "I went to a bridge" I fucking lost it, really great ep!