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  1. consistently excited to see meadows on the roster
  2. Probably not the right place to put this, but Mr Besser, is this your laugh at 2:57 ? http://youtu.be/AFVsRmgB-5M?t=2m55s I believe it is
  3. JoeBaga

    Episode 131 — Animal IQ

    same here
  4. JoeBaga

    Episode 4 — Adam Pally, Our Close Friend

    Yolatango - great new show. Also, really like the new season of eastbound and down, especially this most recent episode. Was really excited to see that Hayes had a part in the writing of it. Pretty great show, and probably one of the best seasons of it yet.
  5. JoeBaga

    Episode 40 — Over Hard

    yes fuckin hilarious. this show is great makes me feel like I'm at UCB all the way up here in vermont
  6. hi-larious, and I will volunteer
  7. JoeBaga

    Episode 57 — Reconciliation

    o yeah finally
  8. JoeBaga

    Episode 13 — The Penultimate is Mightier

    this show is a fucking gem.