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  1. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 181 β€” Collecting The Coats

    Brendan's gotten so small!
  2. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 263 β€” Hollywild

    I'm starting to get that impression. I hope that is the case.
  3. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 114 β€” Live from UCB-LA

    Horatio Sans - The have and have Nazis (Why Manchester though?)
  4. Jackson1326657838

    Episode BO2013.4 β€” Best of 2013 Pt 4

    @KajusX Great post sir, but this reads like a plea for a 'best of' I4H list. Also, "I Pet a Tiger" instantly made me crack up. Just the mention of it and I was drawn back to that oh so brilliant performance.
  5. Jackson1326657838

    Episode BO2013.4 β€” Best of 2013 Pt 4

    Can redneck fascinated by crimes be a new regular? also, bring back plane breaks "Sireens, didjya hear?!" I'm dying laughing for the second time when Jimmy Stewart randomly joins in 'It's Been'ing But yeah, Chico Davis could at least have made a BaBaBaBonusSuSuSuh... And Double +1 for HeeHeeeelll (by which I mean +2, but really, just the one).
  6. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 262 β€” 2013 Holiday Spectacular

    Nick Lowe. Not enough said. Dalton Wilcox breaking both character and eardrums "I think cold cases are the best kind to solve during Christmas" - Scott Auckerman Alan Thicke, "uuuh, buuuuh" and also, "guhhhhh". "Aren't we just then question raping each other?" - The Zukes Voraphilia - line crossed? Flying Fish Feast! Crispmas sounds like a great holiday Frank Stallone brings the greatest gift the aural medium has ever known, dance. Two more weeks of winter if The Mind, The Body, The Bag... Nick Lowe. Now this is a tradition I can get behind.
  7. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 67 β€” Baby Donut

    Great episode. Allison Wolfe is as punk as I've ever heard.
  8. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 261 β€” Nubile Agape

    I think Poison could very well have wrote this jingle.
  9. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 261 β€” Nubile Agape

    Great episode. Here is my tribute to Shelby Fero on her first CBB!
  10. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 260 β€” Tiny Cheeseburger Story

    52:10 - crack up moment of the new podcast year. Try and beat that, everything else.
  11. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 110 β€” Tony the Pony

    Looks like the shipment of bleeps arrived after Gordan Ramsey destroyed Earwolf's stock earlier this year.
  12. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 259 β€” Charlotte's Website

    Candyman, candyman, candyman.
  13. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 257 β€” Nuts As A Pile Of Nuts

    Highlight of the episode: Having already seen that amazing physical performance from the VPN debut of Richard Harrow; it completes the experience of that character for me.
  14. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 256 β€” Raw Copera

    37:55 - he bursts into laughter and it's so raucous that he goes WAY off mic.
  15. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 256 β€” Raw Copera

    I give you: Cam'e'Ron Highlights: MISSED IT'S BEEN House of Cards reference and possibly the loudest laugh I've ever heard from Scott Auckerman "I had a pizza without anchovies that tasted like it had anchovies." That was pure magic. Marie Maiyan Calenders - If only there were some tie in with House of Pies "I don't know who came first, the pokin' or the egg" "Hot potato'd it into one of the big lakes" Perfect closer
  16. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 50 β€” Through The Airlock

    highlights, the return of Blackey!! Go Pro commercial cliffhanger!
  17. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 154 β€” Glory Holeο»Ώ Jack-O-Lantern

    Saw this on VPN. Great episode
  18. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 255 β€” A Visit From Hee Hee-ll

    I'd say Chico Davis was one of the best characters since Fourvel. But I'd agree MJ was probably the best since Chico. Beef started!
  19. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 255 β€” A Visit From Hee Hee-ll

    My highlights of the episode (It was no joke saying this could be in the running for BotY) If you have a catchphrase submission..*mumbles* you know what to do... How you weigh? "caucazoid" "I'm thrilled" (Pun intended?) "your getting warmer" ghost of MJ "One man's serious is another man's salacious, heee heee." "affirmative hee hee." "The Republicans are right, heeee heeee." WYR remix "Parental controls?!" Even though he was robbed of some of his catch phrases, Michael Jackson's 'hee hee' was more than enough to suffice for hilarity. I hope we don't have to wait another three years for a repeat, but it would be worth the wait.
  20. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 253 β€” Fieri Fight

    Gonna try to give my potentially unwanted two cents without getting off on a rant. A major appeal of this show is that its creators and guests have artistic integrity. However, it is unfair to possess integrity, put out what you want to put out, and then complain or refuse to acknowledge whatever response comes from your work. Work which is completely liberated and probably liberating as well. If the response from the forum, or any form of social media, was unwanted, then it would be ignored completely. It's not. It's clear that the folks at Earwolf love and appreciate positive response. Nobody can please everyone all the time. Maybe it's best to follow the adage of not saying anything at all unless you have something nice to say; but I enjoy being able to like and dislike Earwolf's shows in equal measure, and not feel inhibited. From the opposite perspective, of marketing, which can not always afford complete artistic freedom, all feedback is useful.
  21. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 128 β€” Midwives

    I hope I'm not the only person to make this connection; but the more I hear about Kyle's battles between day guy and night guy, the more I'm reminded of It's Always Sunny's Nightman and Dayman.
  22. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 252 β€” The Creeeeeeepy Halloween Special

    Just realizing, Jon Daly must be pissed if he has read this forum. Suicide House has two primary residents but most of the outcry has been for just one of them.
  23. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 252 β€” The Creeeeeeepy Halloween Special

    Not to be not mean, but if a person expects only positive feedback and views constructive criticism as something to ignore: *insert witty picture that somehow gives an argument merit without actually contributing information or point of view*
  24. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 252 β€” The Creeeeeeepy Halloween Special

    Dykeula (sp) "what's a sandwich without strawberry jam on it?" Dear lord, it was pretty tame until The Monster Fuck. Brett Gelman may not have been in this episode, but parts of it played out like he was. I felt like I was being pulled back to one of several readings in past shows where the Choctaw had to shut it down because it was just too graphic.
  25. Jackson1326657838

    Episode 252 β€” The Creeeeeeepy Halloween Special

    Downloading now, withholding judgement over the lack of Gelman, that is all.