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    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    I paid my $5 for a month based on the advertisements stating ad-free archives would be available and they never were in my month of paid time (I had a free week and missed out on the free month code). I got $5 worth of entertainment from the premium content, so no harm, no foul. But I noticed the advertisements for Howl in the past week still state it has an ad-free archive. It seems like you are opening yourself up to a false advertising class action lawsuit or something similar (I'm no lawyer). Not that I think one will actually happen against such a small company, but it seems like something to keep on the radar and try to address these misleading ads.
  2. slothborn

    Episode 75.5 β€” Minisode 75.5

    Oh god, I think I liked this crappy movie...
  3. slothborn

    Episode 75 β€” Daredevil

    I actually like this movie and my grin was so wide when June revealed, "I loved it." It's the first time I've heard that from another human being!
  4. slothborn

    Episode 253 β€” Fieri Fight

    Ooh, Scott is thanking the forum.
  5. slothborn

    Episode 245 β€” Poehler Ice Caps

    Amy Poehler or Neil Campbell as the best rapper of all-time? The world may never know.
  6. slothborn

    Episode 145 β€” It’s Pronounced Jerry

    Nice! I adore Jenny Slate. She is so funny and likable in other podcast appearances I've heard.
  7. slothborn

    Episode 242 β€” Veggie Dongs

    Neko Case! I love her and she's from my hometown.
  8. Once again my insomnia means I get to listen to this before the other East Coast chumps soundly asleep in their beds. Everything is coming up slothborn! Womp it up on a Monday!
  9. slothborn

    LIVE I4H on VPN - 7/18

    Let's do this! I love watching the Earwolf shows live and it's strange to me more of us don't show up for them.
  10. slothborn

    New Front Page Layout

    The new layout is great. You didn't change what didn't need to be changed, but fixed the lingering issues (like some new episodes not being displayed easily). Looks very clean. Thanks!
  11. slothborn

    Episode 230 β€” Something for Everything

    Sweet. My insomnia kept me up until the 3:00 AM EST b-b-b-bonus episode. Suck it, sleep!
  12. slothborn

    Would You Rather Film

    Holy crap. I didn't even catch that! This is some fake moon landing 9/11 truthers level of conspiracy going on here! Either that or DGL got the title idea from listening to CBB... nah!
  13. slothborn

    Episode 136 β€” Grand Poo-Ba

    The "download mp3" link just links back to the episode page itself. Edit: Fixed! Thank you!
  14. slothborn

    Would You Rather Film

    Apologies if this was already discussed, but can Scott sue for infringement?! http://dvd.netflix.c...Rather/70270388 "Would You Rather: Already an orphan, Iris can't stand the thought of losing her brother to leukemia, but she has no money to pay for his treatment. Millionaire Shepard Lambrick does, but he'll only part with his cash by way of a lethal winner-takes-all parlor game."