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  1. A few times during the podcast the guys mentioned that it was basically re-making Rebel Without a Cause. I couldn't see the connection myself - James Dean in this film lives with his parents, and nothing very similar to Cool as Ice happens. I just realised that the film you're thinking of is in fact The Wild One, with Marlon Brando. In that film Brando and his gang descend on a small town and create mayhem. I think - I haven't actually seen it, but then again I still haven't seen Cool as Ice either!
  2. It's funny that 'Earth Girls Are Easy' was mentioned, as that film features Damon Wayons saying ""Why be with a zero when you can dance with a hero?", a year or so before Cool as Ice came out, so I don't think Vanilla can really take credit for coining the very similar line in his movie. And yes, a bizarre claim that he was 16 when Ice Ice Baby hit - there's a big difference between being 16 and 21, and he certainly looked well past puberty when he first started appearing on MTV.
  3. Jack's stories were great. Shame that some of them got interrupted half-way through by himself or others so we never heard how they played out. And also, I felt a little queazy about some of them. I get that much of the time he was just fighting to get paid for work he'd done, but we'll only ever get to hear his half of his encounter with Christopher Reeve, and other stories were really about a big guy pushing other people about.
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    What's wrong with you - that's a great movie! It's got everything I want to see in a film - Jack Nicholson cameos, Dolenz beating up a coke machine in the desert, incredible music numbers, Terri Garr in a bikini. I could go on.
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    Episode 24 — Superman III LIVE!

    I'd like to point out that the not-so-dumb blonde girlfriend in Superman III is Pamela Stephenson, fairly notable for several reasons. In possibly descending order of importance: 1) She was a big star in late 70s, early 80s in the comedy show 'Not the Nine O Clock News', which launched several careers including Rowan Atkinson. She was very funny in it - check out clips on Youtube. 2) She's been married to Billy Connelly the past 30 years 3) She's a qualified clinical psychologist 4) She's a sex columnist for the Guardian newspaper. 5) In 2010 she came third in Strictly Come Dancing, the show America turned into Dancing with the Stars (with most of the same judges). 6) She's now in her early sixties and still really looks great