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    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    first tube, that would be a good one, rockin' tune, a little funky, no lyrics
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    Scott, don't go see phish.

    I listened to the 3 episodes of Analyze Phish and I loved them. Super hilarious, had me smiling the whole time. I'm a huge Phish fan since I saw my first show in 5/14/94. Like Harris, I was a total hater. Now, nearly 18 years later, I still love Phish and get to as many shows as I possibly can each year, which doesn't amount to many these days. Fortunately I live in the NW and have never missed a show at the best outdoor venue in the USA. Okay, so Scott, don't go to the show. If you are still planning on doing the talking into a mic throughout the show to express how you feel about what you're seeing/hearing thing....don't go. You will never be fully engaged and present with the music. Additionally, you will probably annoy the hell out of people around you. Nothing worse than a talker. If you proceed with this plan, I wouldn't be surprised if you and Harris becomes 'separated' during the show. After the show Harris will schlep his sweaty self back to you with a sloppy grin on his face 'dude, what happened, where'd you go?' An alternative idea that may keep you both entertained as well as chaperoned: whip it out at setbreak and wax poetic about the amazingness of the first set (you'll have a full 45 minutes after all). So, if you wisely decide to scrap the recording idea and do go to the show, I do not think you should take any drugs. Maybe smoke a little weed, but don't do it until the concert is in full swing. Do it whenever Harris tells you to. Now don't get me wrong, I love party drugs. Party drugs + Phish + good friends = some of the greatest times of my life. But I don't think that experimenting with a new drug for the first time in your life is best accomplished on nye in manhattan at madison square garden at your very first phish show. just sayin'. I think you are hilarious and talented but you sound reticent enough about the idea of taking drugs that it's a bad idea. and you're a self admitted 'bad drug taker' Furthermore, a ticket for this show is a hot commodity. There are rabid phans out there who would gladly trade their miracle digit in for the opportunity. And in conclusion I would just like to say that if you do go Scott, I hope the phish knocks your socks off. They have never missed with me and that's probably the only men i could ever say that about. except my dad. and brother. okay, so. i hope you end up with your face hurting from smiling and your hair messy and sweaty and your heart humbled with your new love of phish. we've all been there. but believe me, humble pie never tasted so sweet!