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    Episode 95 — Comic Books!

    Ew is correct, but i was referencing Dr T and the Women. I just noticed it was written by a woman, which surprises me.
  2. luvrhino

    Episode 95 — Comic Books!

    While lying to your doctor about weed isn't that big of a deal, please don't lie to your doctor to avoid a pap smear. I realize they're very uncomfortable, but it's much better than going through a colposcopy procedure or getting cervical cancer. Ask around and find a doctor that makes it the least unpleasant. You know, one thoughtful enough to use metal specula that don't feel as though they've been left in the freezer overnight. It's never going to be enjoyable (with the possible exception if Richard Gere is your doctor in a crap movie). However, it's much, much better than the alternative. Yes, i'm a male, why do you ask?
  3. luvrhino

    Episode 53 — Ace of Baritone

    In case anyone else needs it, i created an MP3 of Kulap saying "You Have Failed" from this excellent episode: http://home.comcast.net/~luvrhino/Misc/Kulap_You%20Have%20Failed.mp3