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  1. I think a fun new segment would be called "Upgrading the Awesomeness" or something similar. The idea of this segment is that each person could come up with something that would make the movie more awesome than it already is. Here are some ideas of what people could talk about: Recasting of an actor/actress Change of plot/story/venue What if it was directed by _________ Twist ending Etc.
  2. I don't even know where to begin when nominating this film. There are too many things to laugh about in this movie, so I'll highlight just 3 of them: 1) I'll start with the fact that you can do an ENTIRE SHOW on the T-Rex running around San Diego by itself! Not to mention the fact that the boat with the T-Rex arrived on shore with everyone on board killed by the T-Rex... who was trapped in the storage hanger of the ship. What/?!?!?! 2) Jeff Goldblum's daughter ("Kelly") is nothing but golden in this flick. Let's look over the fact that she somehow managed to hide on the trailer, which means her father never said goodbye to her when he left, which makes him a horrible father. The scene that makes this movie is when she uses her gymnastic skills to swing around a pole a few times, kicking a raptor in the process. 3) The scientists who arrive on the island with the "hunters" knows way too much about the dinosaurs and their habits/tendencies without ever seeing anything more than bones their entire life. Big budget movie that made me squirm as I watched it.